FASHION || Autumn Leaves Fall Down

I find it funny how the majority of the UK determine the beginning of winter based on when the central heating gets switched on.

My central heating was kicked into action last week and thus forward a ridiculous amount of money will be spent on trying to keep my little house free from icicles.

When I’m not in my house I’m open to the elements – which in Stoke at the moment is wind and rain and conditions possibly braved by Bear Grylls. When facing the elements, a girl needs a coat fit for purpose whilst still managing to loo . Am I being particular in saying that I like to have a formal and casual coat to wear dependent on my outfit? I don’t care. I do, and seeing as though I have already found my perfect formal coat (I’ll show you soon) it was time to seek out my casual…image

imageI’ve always wanted to wear a parka but had this idea that I’d resemble a cross between the boy from East is East and Carmen from South Park. When I saw this camo print parka on the Matalan website I knew it would pass the requirements for “Practical warm coat” and “looking cool as hell” – after all, if Oasis MADE the 90’s by wearing parkas, I could bring sexy back to the noughties, right?imageFirst and foremost this is the snuggliest coat I’ve ever worn, its deceivingly padded without making me resemble the Mitchelin man and the cord pull waist helps to give me some¬†much needed shape. Aethetics aside, I feel as though I’ve wrapped myself inside my quilt and left the house in it when I wear this coat.imageAnd the hood. Oh the hood. I think a faux fur trimmed hood is what appeals to me most about a parka and this furry little number does not disappoint.

There’s something about it that makes me feel like I should be in a camouflage version of the S Club 7 video for Never Had A Dream Come True… which can never be a bad thing.

  • Patty

    You look fab, the autumn colours really suit your pale skin, hair, absolutely beautiful x