FASHION || 54 Dresses

With Spring midway through being sprung, I’ve begun to take inspiration from the spring/summer collections which are being released in order to try and plan a “spring capsule wardrobe”.  At the mention of a capsule wardrobe I blush furiously.  In my house, a capsule wardrobe is a little bit of a farce.    Only last week, after making a concious effort to move my floordrobe back into a wardrobe (I’m messy, I can’t help it) I counted 54 dresses.  That’s double the amount of dresses that Katherine Heigl boasts in the classic chick flick “27 Dresses” (but only one of my dresses could be counted as a Bridesmaid dress). 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the last thing I need to do is buy more dresses, even my own mum asks “don’t you already have all of the dresses?” as I hold a dress against me infront of a mirror when we’re  shopping.   These 54 dresses aren’t “current” dresses, I argue, the number is made of dresses I don’t particularly like anymore, or are too big for me (that’s always a good feeling), ones that are purely winter dresses, some that can only be worn on a night out. 

“There’s always room for more dresses” I argue whilst thrusting my bank card into a chip and pin machine and grimacing at the thought of my wardrobe rail straining under the weight of more coat hangers.  taylorswiftdaydresses

If there’s one style crush (or enabler) I have when it comes to pretty dresses its Taylor Swift.  Teaming her dresses with ballet pumps, sandals, cardigans and topped of of course with her signature red lip, Taylor knows her “little dresses”, whether they’re black, red, yellow, floral, spotty, long, short.  Ms Swift has a closet I very much covet, as well as her back catalogue of celebrity beaus (I’m sure she’d put my 54 dresses to shame). temperlyavenue32

If there’s ever a season to replenish my wardrobe of pretty new dresses, its the first few rays of sunshine in spring when you begin thinking about ditching your winter coat for a leather jacket.  I was asked to have a look at the Temperley London collection at Avenue 32 for wardrobe inspiration and these two beauties just screamed “spring has sprung, go buy sunglasesses and eat lemon sorbet” at me. Floral prints, pleats, pastels, lace details – they’re the English country garden inspiration for a spring wardrobe (the red one reminds me a little of this dress worn by SJP as Carrie Bradshaw in the first Sex and the City movie).  Bare legs, gladiator sandals, a tan satchel, big sunnies and a floral or pastel dress is mine (if not every girls) go to sping look.  Switch those gladiator sandals for some Converse to channel some old school Lily Allen and throw over a denim shirt or a denim jacket for those cooler evenings (or just to take away abit of the “prettiness” that comes with pleats and flowers). 

Only issue with this need to splurge on dresses?  Today is payday.