EVO Fabuloso Copper Intensifying Colour Conditioner

Apparently all the best things come from down under. No I’m not talking vajayjays and penis, I’m talking Australia, Oz, out in the bush… You get the drift. As well as bringing us such pop perfection such as Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance and Jason Donovan, good old Oz is also responsible for the likes of Fosters beer, shrimps on barbies and Harold Bishop.

And low and behold, I’ve found another treasure from Down Under.

Evo is a little known haircare range which found its roots (geddit?) in Australia and is much loved by professionals in salons. I was first introduced to Evo by my hairdresser who swears by their lotions, potions, shampoos, conditioners and styling products to create beautiful hair masterpieces.

When in the chair last year I did the old age whinge about my hair colour fading quickly and the maintenance that comes with having such a bright crowning glory. With hair dye being full of chemical nasties that can damage your hair I’m hesitant to top up my colour on such a regular basis for fear of suffering from over processed hair but every bright haired gal (or guy) knows that faded locks are a no no.

My hairdressers secret for keeping hair bright without the need for constantly dying your hair? A coloured conditioner. In my case, the Fabuloso Copper Conditioner from Evo.

The Fabulso range of colour conditioners are designed to be used after shampooing to inject a dose of colour back into your mane. With shades such as Purple Red, Light Beige and Platinum Blonde these nourishing colour treatments come in a shade for almost everybody and are made from an innovative formula which maintains and extends the colour life of colour treated hair.

And it works.

I use this wonder conditioner 2-3 times a month or when I’m needing a boost of colour (before a night out for example). I apply it to shampoo’d hair with gloves (because nobody wants that “tanned hands” look) and leave for a minimum of 3 minute
s whilst I shave my legs or scroll through Twitter and once rinsed and styled my lack lustre hair is shiny and bright once again as though it’s been freshly dyed. People have actually asked whether I’ve redyed my hair after seeing the results.


It gives the same sort of colour intensity as the non permanent dyes you can pick up and at £21 a bottle it is most definitely worth the money if you think that the likes of Directions and Bleach London sell for around £5 a pop… and it lasts. I ran out of my first bottle in June after purchasing in January.

Because I was too lazy to order online I tried to replicate the effects by picking up another copper conditioner from Maria Nila and it doesn’t even compare in terms of colour and the conditioning affect. The Evo Fabuloso Copper Conditioner softens, nourishes and detangles my hair like a normal conditioner without weighing the hair down, whilst providing gorgeous colour.

Two birds, one stone so to speak.

  • Ohhh I might need this!!

  • I’ve just changed my hair colour to a red/plum shade and the first time I dyed it myself at home it washed out completely within 3 weeks. Admittedly I wash my hair every other day because it’s oily (I’m trying to train it now) but that’s far from ideal. I was planning to try the Maria Nila version but I think I might have to try this instead now. I’m pleased to see you can get it over here x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  • caitlin edgeworth

    Can i use this over henna hair dye?

    • Hey Caitlin! I should imagine it would be fine – I think there’s only an issue if you dye henna over a chemical hair dye x