Everyday Makeup Picks

When it comes to applying a face full of make up, I think I’m not alone when I say that I like to take my time.  When I have a ‘big night out’ planned (this happens once in a blue moon) I like to make believe I’m performing some kind of great Monet piece of art work.  I lay out all of my tools around me and attempt to create a masterpiece upon my face in the hopes that I will end up looking like Adele or Christina Hendricks.   What usually ends up happening is that I get the base absolutely perfect, and then I mess it up by sneezing when applying my mascara (just me?)

My everyday make up routine takes a lot less time, mainly due to the fact that I prefer more minutes in bed sleeping to applying mascara.  Through experience and practise, I’ve managed to wittle my morning makeup routine down to 10 minutes.  For the average woman on the street this may still seem a lot – but its the quickest that I can get ready and make myself look like “me” and not like I’ve been pulled out of a drain.

I know those YouTube folk do “get ready with me” tutorials, but the world does not need to see me with no makeup and I’m also not up for opening myself up for “YOU SHOULDN’T APPLY YOUR FOUNDATION LIKE THAT” trolls, so I’ll simply share with you the contents of my everyday makeup bag.


Ginvera BB Cream
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
HD Brows Palette – Foxy
17 Falsifeye Mascara
Rimmel Apocalips – Nova
Dainty Doll Blush – My Girl
Chilli Pepper Blush

What’s in your day to day make up bag?  Do any of the ones in mine feature in yours?

  • Kathryn Brindley

    I tend to change my every day make up daily so I don’t get bored. I love the MUA palette, Apocalips and Lasting Perfection concealer and do use these quite regularly. X

  • Jamie Kate

    I heard Rimmel products are great! You have a nice make up collection :)

    Jamie Kate
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