Escentric Molecules Molecule One

escentricmoleculesmolecule1Call me a creature of habit, I don’t feel fully put together without a spritz, and a pirouette through a cloud of my favourite perfume.  Unearthing your signature scent is akin to a female as uncovering the Staffordshire Hoard of ancient gold.

How about a perfume that blends with your own pheromones to create a personalised and therefore unique signature fragrance without spending a billion dollars for someone with a pipette to create you one?  Escentric Molecules at your service.

When I was first contacted about Molecule 01, I was overwhelmingly intrigued to try it.  There was something about the fact that this unisex fragrance would somehow create a personalised scent for me and me alone rubbed my ego slightly, and the fact that the PR release has a TOP TIP listed as: Carry a stick, because you’ll be beating them off!

The reviews for Molecule 01 echoed everything the website said, so with this in mind I had to give it a whirl – I even went out and bought a stick.  First things first, the scent of Molecule 01 (before its had time to blend with your pheromones and create a magnetic force which will attract every man, woman and child for miles around <- that’s what the Press Release said.  I’d settle for just the men, to be honest)  is really fresh smelling and if it didn’t react with my pheromones and make me smell like a goddess, I wouldn’t necessarily be that bothered.

After an hour or so every trace of the fragrance has all but disappeared and you’d be forgiven for writing Molecule 01 off as being one of those scents that just doesn’t last.  Once blended with your natural aroma it then creates a fragrance individual to you (sugar and spice and all things nice, is what I’m made of, so I imagine I’d smell pretty good in the first place) and that’s where the magic happens.  Even though I couldn’t smell it I had a few people commenting on how I smelt (in a good way) and asking what perfume I was wearing.  I haven’t had to beat anyone off with a stick yet, nor has it had men flocking to my side ( but then I’ve not really been anywhere with men en mass – perhaps I should try a football game or something equally as testosteroney?)  It also lingered on a scarf of mine and the next time I wore the scarf I smelt pretty damn good.  Like I say, this probably isn’t the best perfume to wear if you like to smell your fragrance all day, this is kind of the high pitched dolphin cry of the fragrance world, susceptible to everyone but you.

The Escentric Molecules range is available at Cult Beauty. 

*PR Sample

** I’ll let you know about the men en mass theory, if they let me up for air