Eric In Wonderland

You may be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stumbled upon an OAP meeting if you rock up to the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle Under Lyme between now and the 15th December. The audience which is mostly made up of stretchy skirts and twinsets seem to have uncovered a gem of a show in the form of Uncle Eric. You know how old people stumble around complaining of aches and pains in their legs and relying on a walking stick – its all nonsense.  They’re all hiding in the New Vic Theatre with their glasses of Sherry, dancing up a storm and belly laughing at the innuendo laced jokes (please note: OLD PEOPLE HAVE FILTHY MINDS.)

For those not familiar with the whole “Uncle Eric” premise, David Graham (the brains behind the show) creates a 2 hour long 60’s musical complete with live band (which is made up entirely of the cast of the show – bar the attractive drummer) and a laugh a minute script which could have been lifted from any of the Carry on Films….

With the latest “…in Wonderland” offering there is a usual suspects book club ran by Eric’s wife Madge, which turns into a “trip” (geddit?) down the rabbit hole and into Alice’s Wonderland after Eric smokes a particularly suspect looking cigarette of Hippy Dave’s.

Remember the post a few months back when I was like “attractive men in Stoke on Trent” shocker? You won’t be disappointed with the eye candy in this show (I know its not all about that, its about “the music” but it can’t hurt, right?)

I can guarantee that any red blooded woman will be entirely hypnotised by the snake hips of AJ Dean who plays Eddie (a wannabe rockstar) and also the Mad Hatter, reminiscent of Russell Brand (only with better hair and a crotch thrust that could jump start the libido of any OAP).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, for those who are more partial to a shy and nervous geek complete with grandad cardigan and Clark Kent glasses (and a nice tight pair of flares – score) Dan Graham plays Jack, a book club member with low self esteem and zero luck with the ladies.

(the friend who I went with developed a crush on “Uncle Eric” due to her penchant for older men and I almost had to physically restrain her from removing her bra and throwing it on the stage. Just putting that out there  as a warning!)

The play is punctuated throughout with a veritable smorgasbord of hits from the 60’s, and laying my (Queen of Hearts) cards on the table – with my penchant for musicians with guitars/drums/keyboard/triangle/tambourine/any kind of musical instrument – these were the moments that dreams were made of.  A very talented bunch of musicians captured the sound of the 60’s to a T (with a special mention to Lulu Belis who has an incredible set of lungs on her – by that I mean singing ability, not boobs.  HONEST).  Performing an array of hits from the decade, includingnLucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mellow Yellow, This Wheels on Fire – by the time the show was closed by old faithful High Ho Silver Lining, my “too-high” dancing shoes were well and truly ready to be hung up/burned.

If you can sit through this show without cracking a smile or singing along to one of the many infectious songs – I’ll give you my first born child and/or a case of Heineken.

Eric in Wonderland runs at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-Under-Lyme until the 15th December and You can buy tickets for the show by clicking this click which will take you to the theatre website :)