Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser & Lavender Toner

Out of all my beauty routines, the place where I most fall down is skincare (please don’t tell Pampered Prince or Spoilt Face). I tend to float around the beautysphere trying out different moisturisers, cleansers and the like dependent on whats new on the market or whats on offer. I get completely bewildered by the likes of Parabens etc – bad beauty blogging etiquette (I know).

After whinging about the state of my skin on Twitter (I’m always whinging on Twitter – isn’t that what it was invented for?) when Elemis asked if I would like to trial some of their skincare. I had a chat with one a member of their team via email about what I was looking for from skincare and my skin type/what problems I tend to suffer from.


I was advised to try the Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser and Lavendar Toner for Normal/Combination skin as I suffer from an oily T-Zone (THE BANE OF MY LIFE) as part of a 2 step routine. I’m a very skeptical Sally when it comes to high end skincare, as its an area I tend not to invest (but where I’m aware that I should), so I was interested to see how this duo would fare in comparison to other cleansers/toners I’ve used in the past. I wanted to use it for a few weeks so I could give it a proper road test and wasn’t just a flukey couple of “good skin” days.

My skin is ridiculously sensitive, if I try a product that my skin doesn’t agree with (90% of all the skincare products have used) my skin flares up easily and it can take weeks for me to coax it back round to being “normal”. With the Elemis cleanser I found it to be immediately soothing on my skin and didn’t cause the usual redness that I can sometimes experience. I don’t tend to get a lot of spots, bar the odd pimple here and there but I found that this helped at decongesting and keeping my skin clear. So much so that I think its been this which has played a part in my new braveness to try a lighter coverage foundation, before I was under the “the heavier the better” illusion but because my skin has felt fresher, brighter and clearer since using this tag team, I haven’t been as desperate to cover up. I’ve been using the cleanser after removing the majority of my makeup with a face wash, and then using this for a deep cleanse on a cotton pad and followed up by the toner. It smells so good aswell (and they both smell so good!)

Although more expensive than any other skin care I’ve bought, they actually work at at a pretty reasonable price. The RRP is £21.00 each, but over on the Elemis website they’re doing the Cleanser/Toner duo for £21.00 so its basically a Buy One Get One Free situation – everybody got time for that!

  • Natalie

    I love that you ended with “everybody got time for that!” – awesome. The toner/cleanser sounds really good!

  • alice

    I adore this cleanser & toner. glad you liked them. xx

  • Really love your review of the Elemis toner, I am looking to switch from my Clarins staple Iris toner as I don’t think it is giving my oily t zone skin the results I need. Will be purchasing this week! Thanks :)