Do You Have It In Pink?

There’s no denying that pink is the shade of the season.  It’s been  in stores since before spring came around and whether its blush, pastel or dusky pink, a subtle pop of pink without verging into bubblegum or Barbie territory makes it a wearable shade for day to day (although who doesn’t love a statement pink?!).

Blush is the perfect way to introduce the colour palette into your wardrobe and now is the perfect time to do so as you can’t swing a credit card without one item or another finding its way into your online shopping basket.  If you’re not afraid of a stand out piece, a duster jacket is a streamlined, stylish, super versatile jacket that is perfect for layering through transitional summer months and smartens-up any outfit.  This crepe duster is lightweight with 3/4 sleeves, waterfall front and is available in black, khaki and blush and I may be biased, but the dusky pink shade is just so feminine and works so well with the floaty “throw on” style.

If you want to work blush pink into your wardrobe but aren’t confident enough to go all out with colour, working colourful accessories into your look is the easiest way to do so.  There’s a few of these laid back tote style bags around at the minute and they’re the perfect size and shape for throwing in everything but the kitchen sink or filling up with shopping – hey, if they name says to shop then who am I to argue?  I love that despite being faux leather, the pebbled matte material, knot and stitch detailing and gold hardware mean that this blush bag from Yours Clothing really looks the part.

Culottes are EVERYWHERE at the minute.  Tailored, plisse, jersey or gingam, I have them all.

These cute and cropped trousers aren’t only perfect for the summer months due to the lightweight fabric and general airiness, they also add exactly the right amount of laid back casual and maximum comfort without looking like you’re wearing your pyjamas.  These monochrome ditsy print culottes are made from a super stretchy jersey material, have an elasticated waistband and are cut just below the knee.

I’ve been teaming culottes with oversized and sassy slogan tees for work with pumps, but worn high-waisted with a simple black cami tucked in, a flash of bra (that was intentional, promise) and the right accessories, these laid back Larry’s get a stylish overhaul and come in at only £20.