Do It

I have nothing but admiration for anybody who does something/anything to better their quality of life, broaden their horizons.. make something of themselves.

There are too many people in this life who just accept the hand that they are given and assume that what they have is what they will always have and don’t even try.  People are born into situations that may not be the best, brought up in a family that may be far from perfect and be surrounded by people who just carry on every single day, accepting without even trying that “this is it” and aren’t even encouraged to try.

I don’t blame those people.  Its simple psychology 101..

Nature and Nurture. 

If you’ve been brought up in a family, around people or in an area of chronic underachievers, then what inspiration or success story do you have to look up to which gives you that drive to think “I can achieve whatever I want.”  I’m not putting down people who don’t have spectacular plans in their life.  Some people are genuinely happy doing what they do, living their life how they always have and how their parents before them have and thats a matter of personal opinion/satisfaction. 

Then there are some people who have always felt like they want more.

“There’s got to be more to life than chasing down every temporary high”

The cliches are all there “the world is your oyster”, “you can do anything when you put your mind to it” – they’re all true.   But there are things known as obstacles that get in you way, an overpowering wall standing in between you and your “oyster”, that actually looking it in the face (do walls have faces?) can be so daunting that it makes you want to kick off your shoes and climb back into your nice warm bed where you’re safe.   That wall could be anything from money, to location, to confidence.  

“Where there’s a will theres a way” – I know its another cliche but its true.  History is full of stories about people who struggled and overcame adversity to achieve what they set out to.  Sure, its not easy – dreams come true, not free.  There are sacrifices that need to be made, alot of hardwork, blood, sweat and tears… but then there is that final goal.  That image in your head that makes you continue to work.

Those people who stand infront of that wall, take a deep breath and smash it the f*ck down – they are the people I admire.

  • Matthew smith

    Thank you so much hunx

  • Kirsty

    Feeling very inspired now, like I want to go out and do something great. I’ve got the power! Lol. Love this post charl x