Desperately Seeking Snuggles

With all this Valentines Day talk, I think I’m beginning to feel overly sentimental. After a cup of tea with my mum, I did the usual thing of bidding her good day with a hug (its still cool to hug your mum, right?) and don’t think I’m mad or anything, but I felt the biggest pang of need for a hug. Not a mum hug, or a friendly hug, one of those curled up in bed, full body hugs where you just melt into the other person. Forget about the big “O”, to me theres no better feeling in bed than an intermingled cuddle, where you just fit eachother perfectly… this can also be known as a “spooning”.


I won’t tell you how long its been since I’ve partaken in a decent spooning session, but its been a while and I am literally craving everything I described above.

To combat this, I’m considering 1 of 3 things.

1, stuffing a jumper and some pyjama bottoms with scrunched up newspaper sheets and making myself a “penny for the guy” type person to cuddle up to. Disadvantages of this will be getting newspaper print on my bed sheets.

2, borrowing my mums dog for the night and encouraging him to sleep under the covers with me. He’s quite partial to a cuddle though so I think it would work out okay… think I’d feel abit uncomfortable about him licking his male parts in the middle of the night. Maybe not.

3, (this one I’m pretty confident about) A while ago I read a story on the Daily Mail website about “professional hugger” Jackie Samuel from New York. She established “The Snuggery” in her home in New York, where clients can visit and essentially…. snuggle for cash. Jackie can make upto $260 dollars a DAY for her snuggly services and can see upto 30 different clients a week. I SHIT YOU NOT.

THIS IS WHAT I’VE DECIDED I NEED. At this moment in time I’m more than willing to part with hard earned cash for a little snuggle time and pillow talk, without all the complicatedness of a relationship or having to partake in any other bedroom activities. Obviously I’d want to be able to choose the type of person I’d be paying to snuggle up to (no offence but I wouldn’t want to be snuggling up to John McCririck) so I thought I’d create an advertisement.

professionalsnugglerwantedWhat do we think, will this work? If you or anyone you know fits the criteria please leave a comment below or drop me an email, I make a brilliant post snuggle cup of tea and the rates of pay are good.

*(This post is written with a massive dose of tongue in cheek. I think)