FASHION || Desk Drawer to Christmas Party

It’s the 11th December and the Christmas party season is well undergo with “Christmas drinks” fast becoming standard after work procedure (this is possibly my favourite thing about Christmas, that and being able to be drunk on Baileys before 10am).  To maximise potential drinking time midweek drinks are best approached with a straight out of the office mentality.  Calling home to get changed means you’re three drinks behind everyone else and you’ll spend the evening trying to play catch up and feeling ever so slightly more sober than everybody else. With this mentality in mind I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve lugged a tote bag into the toilets at work and done a quick Clark Kent into Superman style makeover (classy I know).

I’m a firm believer in accessories making or breaking an outfit.  Too few accessories can mean you don’t look quite put together enough, but too many can leave you looking like the little girl who raided her mum’s wardrobe.  Luckily for me New Look provided me with the perfect 3 step  solution for a desk drawer to drinks party outfit. newlookpartyoutfits

The Outfit:

Cami Top / The Midi Skirt / Cut Out Shoe Boots

The Accessories:20131211-132402.jpg

Floral Statement Necklace / Studded Diamante Belt / Black Glitter Zip Clutch

Throw on a belt, a statement necklace, a glitzy clutch, a pair of heels and some red lipstick and your office chic pencil skirt and cami which you’d usually pair with a cardigan is instantly upgraded to an outfit worthy of cocktails and trying to coeerce the guy you flirt with at the water machine into a kiss under the mistletoe.

And isn’t that what Christmas parties are all about?

No?  Then you’re going to the wrong kind of parties my friend.