Deborah Milano Shine Creator

I love it when you see a brand that you’ve been a fan to slowly begin gaining popularity and one of those brands for me is Deborah Milano

With a bit of history into the brand, Deborah Milano is the number one makeup brand in Italy and the brain child of brothers Giovanni Battista and Cornelio Bonetti, the goal of the company was neatly summed up by the Latin saying: vive valeque, or, live and be well.  Initially, the company was intended to manufacture pharmaceutical and health care products, with the Deborah make up brand being introduced 1962.  

I first “discovered” the Deborah Milano range when on holiday in Venice. (*swoooooons*)  Being the make up junkie that I am, after a day of walking around that maginficent city, between happy hour cocktails and beautiful seafood, I would make a detour into the department store and the pharmacies in Venice to uncover some make up brands that I hadn’t heard of before and Deborah was one of them. 

My mum is very specific with lipstick.  She hates any kind of creamy or shiney formulation, whereas I like something that makes my lips look full and MWAH.  She’d been searching for perfect matte lipstick until we came across the Deborah Milano Atomic Red Mat in shade 3 and it was exactly what she was looking for.  So much so that I also bought one.  The formula applies smoothly and gives a matte finish but it doesn’t feel drying or cling to dry bits – and it smells like Parma Violets.  We went to Venice again this year and made a bee line for the Deborah Milano stand and picked up ANOTHER of the lipsticks in Shade 6.

…so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that a) Deborah Milano was coming to the UK and b) that they were running a 50 for 50 incentive to allow bloggers to try out a lipstick from their range.  deborahmilanoshinecreatorAs I’d already tried the Atomic Red Mat I wanted to go for something on the other end of the spectrum.  I chose the Shine Creator lipstick which offers shine, hydration and protection for the lips… in one bright pink bullet (also known as Shade 8)

This lipstick reminds me of a slightly more pigmented version of the L’Oreal Caresse lipsticks (which I personally favoured over the Revlon Lip Butters).   It applies beautifully, leaves my lips looking glossy and full and the colour is a real injection of pink power.  This leaves my lips feeling hydrated much like a balm would which I love but I think the hydrating formula sacrifices the lasting power of this lipstick.  It’ll last a good couple of hours, but I do find myself reaching to top up regularly, whereas I usually love a lipstick which will stick to my lips like glue and last through cups of tea, lots of talking, cocktails and eventually wear off on the collar of Brad Pitt (I can wish right?)

It’s a perfect pick for the summer, both the colour and the hydrating properties are mega thumbs up, I just wish it lasted longer…