Dear Fat People & Nicole Arbour

It’s the video that has been doing the rounds on Facebook and had many people pulling their WTF face at a “truth bomb” of a video where apparently funny gal Nicole Arbour rips into fat people, fat shaming, online body positive communities in 6 minute and 8 seconds.  Nicole claims that fat shaming “is not a thing” and even brings the “race card” and the “gay card” into the conversation,  and which Arbour says is “OK” because yknow,  “discrimination against those groups might be kind of a thing”.  FACE PALM. 

This video is supposed to encourage people to be healthier, although I can’t see how mocking people passes as encouragement these days.  “They forgot to tell you that plus-size stands for plus heart disease, plus knee problems, plus diabetes … plus your family and friends crying that they lost you too soon because you needed to have a coke plus fries,” she says in one part of the video.  She always says that her video doesn’t apply to people who are fat because of health conditions… That’s nice of her, right? 

She posted the video along with the comment “what we’ve all wanted to say to fat people.”

let-me-stop-you-right-therePlease don’t class me in with your “we” or “all” bullshit Nicole Arbour: I don’t need you to speak for me and I’m guessing based on the comments on your video calling out your body shaming and shallow POV that there is a whole load of people who feel exactly the same way as I do.  

In a time when most people are saying “body shame is bad, man” and when the likes of Cheryl Fernandez Versini are stepping out to say that body shaming of ANY kind should be made illegal, you’re openly encouraging the behaviour all in the name of Internet views and hits.   You’re saying that fat shaming isn’t a thing.  Tell that to the people who are shamed every day and poked fun at because they’re overweight.  The people who have killed themselves because they can’t stand the abuse. The people who are trolled on the Internet just because they’re bigger than the next person.  

The truth of the matter is that regardless of race, age, size, sexuality or gender, shaming anyone is bullying.  It’s small minded, it’s disrespectful and its belittling. But as the saying goes, “you can’t fight stupid” and you also can’t fight narrow minded and judgemental people who body shame for Internet LOLZ.

tumblr_mtpg5kLvW91s6iro9o1_500This is actually what we’ve ALL wanted or SHOULD say to “fat people”* because fat people are humans too.  SHOCK HORROR. 







mq_-_you_are_beautifulWhat weve all wanted to say to Nicole Arbour, well yknow, those of us who arent assholes disguising our judgemental selves as “concern” for a persons lifestyle is this:

2d9adtjStop ridiculing people who are different from you or are easy targets for popularity reasons and don’t make a mockery of something that affects the lives of others every single day.  Fat shaming is a thing as much as body shaming and slut shaming is a thing.  To say it isn’t is ignorant and only paves the way for a generation of teens to grow up with a warped view of how we should talk to other human beings.

  • Leah Shafik

    Awesome! Thank you! I am sharing this on Style XL :) x

  • Annie

    The video is removed now so I wasn’t able to view it, big let down there, gosh…. I saw a comment on another one of her videos though that pretty much sums it up for me, “If you have to be offensive to be funny, then you are not funny”. If the only “comedy” you can muster is putting other people down, rather than actually being clever and having an innate sense of humor you should maybe reconsider your talents. Really enjoy your positivity and thoughtfully constructed response.

  • what made me laugh the most about this video is how she goes on and on about how you shouldn’t be fat and fat people don’t deserve this, that and the other and she then has to audacity to say ‘i love y’all and I don’t have anything against you, I just want you to be healthy’ or some bullshit like that!

    Just another desperado wanting a bit of fame and she’s had to stoop this low for it!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog