#bbloggers Community

Aside from getting to write, having my own little corner of the internet and being able to justify buying lipstick and mascara for “blogging purposes” one of the things that I love about blogging the most is something that I never actually considered when I first set up my blog…


Every time I’ve attended a meet up or an event, the feeling of community has always been brought home to me. What I mostly love is seeing is people who have a passion for something, anything and the drive to allow something to grow from that and become successful from that.

I think in this day and age, its really important for girls to have eachothers backs and show support. There’s too much back stabbing/girls fighting over boys/girls putting eachother down – the Spice Girls didn’t don those massive platforms and jump around singing “ZIG A ZIG AH!” for us to completely forget what Girl Power stands for.

RT-ing eachothers blog posts, commenting on posts, sending supportive emails/tweets/texts, helping eachother with HTML or layout design – its all these little things that we do automatically without thinking, and I think thats what makes the beauty blogging community.

The beauty blogging community is like one massive family. It’s the girls from Sex and the City to the power of a thousand. Not only is meeting up with eachother at meet ups or events like one massive excuse to beable to talk everything beauty with like minded people, its like spending time with your best friends.

I don’t know about anyone else, but through blogging/the “social media” side of blogging (AKA spending your entire life on Twitter) I’ve met some incredible girls (and gents) and I’ve made some amazing friends who I talk to on a daily basis who I’d class as my “good friends” – and that was something I didn’t expect when I sat down at my laptop to write about my lipstick obsession.

  • Gemma Button

    Ohh what a sweet post, you havepretty much said everything that I think about this topic, that because clearly you are my twin, so obvs you know what im thinking:p