Revlon Colorstay in Buff – An Obsession

To me, Revlon Colorstay is my Mr Big of foundations. There may be times when we have a small spat, or a new launch may catch my eye and I’m lured away into the arms of a rival away foundation. Time and time again I find myself longing to have it back in my life and I ultimately end up back in bed with it like an old lover.

If you’re a fan of all things beauty product related, I’m sure you will have crossed paths with this, if you haven’t you’re missing out. Revlon Colorstay offers a flawless coverage with incredible staying power – and the best part is that the wide colour selection even caters for the celtic skinned lovelies like myself. Colorstay also comes in two different formulations – one for Normal/Dry skin and another for Combination/Oily (I pick up the latter to cater for my “must be matte” requirement in the skin department).

This stuff is my HG* foundation. I recommend it to anyone who says they’re looking for a “flawless” foundation that lasts from dusk till dawn and I’ve lost count of the emails/tweets to say “I tried Colorstay on your reccommendation and I’m absolutely in love with it”.

If you’ve been eyeing this up on the concessions stand wondering whether you should try it, you should – it really is as good they say it is (and more.)

*Holy Grail