Coconutty Nutty

I don’t think there is a smell I love more than the smell of coconut. It represents everything that is good in life, holidays, Bounty chocolate bars, Malibu.. need I continue?

I love to extend my love of all things tropical and coconutty into my beauty routine, as not only as it heavenly smelling its also incredibly moisturising. These are two of my latest discoveries and they’re absolutely perfect for these dry winter months.

1, Body Shop Coconut Hair Oil (£5.00)  – this is a beautifully moisturing hair oil with a paste like consistency, it has a tiny amount of gold shimmer which once applied make your hair so shiney. The only problem with this is that you need a very light hand, a smidge too much of this and you risk looking like you’ve put your head in a chip pan.

I like to use this is in 2 ways.

1, I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair to give my layers some definition, add much needed moisture and and abit of shine and then I use the left over product on my fingers to tame any annoying little fly away hairs.

2, I take a generous sized amount and run this through anywhere that needs a nice good dollop of moisture, this is usually the mid length to the ends of my hairs – the chip pan look is what you want to achieve here to ensure maximum goodness for your hair! I then wrap my hair in a hot, damp towel and leave on as long as I possibly can and then rinse/wash as usual and I’m left with softer and shinier hair.

…. and it smells like a dream.

2, Boots Coconut Body Oil (£2.54) – I picked this up when the weather turned from “summer” to “autumn” (there’s not much of a difference, I know). My skin is dry at the best of times, when I was knocked over by a van (please don’t laugh) and the lovely ambulance man was putting the IV needle in my hand he actually commented that my skin was “like leather” – charmed. I’ll admit, moisturising my body is one beauty chore that I don’t do enough, when I get to the point where I’m actually growing scales, I’ll chuck some moisturiser on and I’m done for the month. I’m trying not to neglect this now that winter has come around and this stuff is ideal.

In the little glass jar this product is hard like the “flesh” of a coconut, it can be easily extracted (extracted? aka dunk a couple of fingers in the jar and scoop a bit out). This is where the magic happens, the product literally melts into your skin – this is no word of a lie, it’s like an ice cube. It melts down into quite a thick oil which you can slather all over your body and it leaves you smelling delicious and super hydrated.

Do you know any of you favourite coconut scented products I should try?