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I love winter because I get to throw my soaking ballet pumps to the back of my wardrobe and wrap my feet up in comfy boots.  The shops as always are full of them: shoe boots, flat boots, knee boots, biker boots…but with the weather being so rainy and blustery and generally bloody horrible, I’ve taken to the internet to shop to avoid ending up in another city like Dorothy in Oz.

For me, when I think of beautiful boots I think of these Sam Edelman “Lorissa” booties that Fleur of Fleur de Force introduced the internet to a couple of years ago. If I remember rightly there were both stilettoes and boot styles  available in these heel embellished lovelies and I remember considering selling a kidney or my liver just so I could buy a pair to stroke.selenagomezlorissasamedelman

Last year I managed to bag myself a pair of the infamous heel embellished boots from Primark which didn’t leave my feet all winter and have lasted me into this year.  These were my bargain version of the Sam Edelman boots, but lets be honest – you get what you pay for and these beauties are infinitely more spellbinding than my bargain alternative.

Winter 2013 brings these booty beauties to Brand Boudoir … image…and I can practically hear my tartan skirt crying out for these suede and leather Mariel Ankle Boots with tassels.  TASSELS. samedelmanmarielankleboots…& these are just the boots.  Feel free to unleash your Carrie Bradshaw and head over to and look at the various array of flats, pumps and platforms that Sam Edelman has to offer.  Then add them all to your “With love from Santa” wishlist.


  • Jessica

    Lovely boots. :) I am hoping to get a pair or two next weekend. I just have to decide what to get…a tough decision.

  • Those tassel boots re to die for! Great choice! :) x
    Heroine In Heels