Clean Living To Take Away with Green Griddle | Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Takeaway food is delicious. It’s not just delicious, its convenient, it’s indulgent and some evenings it’s exactly what I need when I’m not really feeling an hour at the cooker pretending I’m the next Nigella Lawson. Because I really am not. As much as I love indulging in a couple of cm of oozing cheddar atop a doughy base or a tupper ware tub full of delicious noodles, I sometimes wish there was a healthier alternative to a dirty kebab or a greasy curry.

Aimed towards Healthy-Eating-Hannah’s or Gym-Going-Graham’s, Green Griddle in Newcastle-Under-Lyme takes the time and effort out of cooking for those with a busy lifestyle and helps customers to eat clean whilst on the go by helpfully detailing calorie count on their meals, as well as fat, carb and protein content.

Sound a bit serious for you? Don’t worry, I’m right there with ya. I’m not Green Griddle’s target audience, that’s for sure and I thought I’d feel out of place without my Lycra leggings or running shoes amidst a crowd of LADS LADS LADS bulk buying their protein shakes or someone doing squats whilst they wait for their smoothie but the truth is… this is just good food, done well.. and it just so happens to be good for you. So if you’re not there with the intention to lose weight, bulk up or hang out in the gym and you just wanna, y’know, fill your belly or support a new local business, then you can.

Green Griddle’s menu has you covered for the day with protein pancakes, bacon bagels and a healthy full english for breakfast, pizzas, burgers and wraps for lunch and a selection of “better for you” desserts that even I didn’t turn my nose up at (healthy cheesecake? GIMME GIMME). I’ve been twice now, and although I’ve not treated myself to a smoothie or started my day with Green Griddle, I’d definitely rate the “build your own” GG Box which consists of a protein, side, veg and sauce to fill a hole without succumbing to the call of a Maccies. After launching at the beginning of April on Berkley Court, word of mouth has definitely fared well for Green Griddle and lunch hours especseeing business booming and even a shortage of halloumi due to demand.

If you are looking to lose weight, want some foodie inspiration or (like me) seriously struggle with portion control, Green Griddle also have a selection of specifically designed weight loss meal plans that thank the lord, don’t look like rabbit food. If I can eat steak, sweet potato mash and saurkraut and be healthy eating, sign me up.