FASHION || Wedges: No Pain, No Gain?

When it comes to summer everybody gets excited about these kind of things, I get excited for clothes, and more excitable than clothes, I get excited for summer shoes. My poor feet which have been cramped up inside what feels like hobnailed boots all winter and encased in opaque tights see the light at the end of the 100 denier tunnel as I begin eyeing up gladiator sandals and flip flops galore.

I once bought the most beautiful pair of wedges, tan upper, cork wedge and they went with absolutely everything. They were one of those “too good to be true” bargains from New Look and I wore them to death. Only problem? They absolutely crippled my feet. I’d spend the entire time wearing them with an almost pained smile on my face, constantly searching for the next available surface to park my derriere to take the pressure off my burning soles.

It got to the point where I’d hide them at the back of a wardrobe in the hopes that I would forget about them (I was too chicken to throw them out, I’m an eternal hoarder). Then one day I would stumble upon, swoon over their beauty again and wonder why I ever stopped wearing them. Within an hour my poor feet would remind me why. I eventually plucked up hoarders courage to commit those beautiful but painful wedges to the shoe graveyard and I was left with a wedge shaped hole in my wardrobe.DSCN1799That was until Clarks offered me the opportunity to pick a pair of shoes from their current summer collection and I found myself attracted like a moth to a flame to these peep toe, buckled Scent Petal tan leather wedges with tribal print wedge.
DSCN1797Clarks is a difficult “shoe shop” for me.

In my head I have this notion that I’m never going to find shoes that I like in there and that it’s more a shop that my nan would visit or a place that mums take their children to to be fitted for their first pair of shoes (I know my first pair were from there!).  In reality, Clarks is full of stylish AND practical shoes (see these beautiful devils I wore at Christmas) which, although they may be a little pricier than those New Look wedges, they’re about a gazillion times more comfortable. When I first took these wedges on their first outing I had flashbacks to the burning soles and pinched toes of before but I needn’t have worried. You know the sort of cushion sole that you’d find in your nans shoes that would make you think “I bet that must feel like you’re walking on clouds”? Well these wedges have one of those cushion soles, which means the balls of your feet feel kissed by clouds rather than that “walking over hot coals feeling”.

“No pain, no gain” is a myth well and truly busted.

  • being a 50’s girls I pretty much live in peep toe heels and wedges, and I love these. Great post

    Gaby x