Celebrity Sun Review – Fake It Girl

Celebrity Sun is a new fake tan range which has been launched by a company hailing from the fake tan capital of the UK – Liverpool.  Famous for their much loved Scouse brow, if you’re a frequent visitor to Liverpool you’ll have gazed in admiration at these ladies ability to look every inch the glamourpuss no matter what the hour (I once stood in line behind a Scouse lady for a 6am flight looking like death warmed up while she was perfectly made up in her stilettos and a head full of rollers) So if there’s one thing these ladies know, its their fake tan. 

When I saw Celebrity Sun on Twitter and some pictures the company had RT’d of this NON ORANGE (hoorah!) instant self tanning spray I knew I had to try it out.

For around 82.5% of the year, I whole heartedly embrace the “pale and interesting” notion when it comes to my skin.  After years spent dealing with that tell tale biscuit smell, orange sheets and streaky arms I finally gave up, embraced the ghost in me and accepted that pale is in fact beautiful.  But there are times when I do like get my tan on, whether for a night out/special event or when going on holiday abroad to avoid those initial 2 or 3 days on the beach where I look like an extra from Twilight has stumbled onto the sand.   I hate the hit and miss theory of applying a colourless tan formulation and have it develop while I sleep/through the day, I just think it’s a completely hit and miss way of being able toI more often than not seek out a product which gives me an immediate tan but which develops at the same time to give me a long lasting glow.

This is where Celebrity Sun comes up trumps with their new Instant Self Tanning Spray.  Forget looking and smelling like a cheesy Wotsit, this stuff really does deliver that “just back from the beach” glow with minimal effort and only a hint of that fake tan smell.  The aerosol can application means you don’t get any of those tell tale streaks from half hearted/Rose wine induced application (or even worse – a dreaded hand print – I’ve been there, done that, got the “bitch, please?” stares)  and because this also develops underneath the “instant” layer of tan, it means that once this is washed off underneath you’re left with a perfectly even and natural looking tan.

This is going to be a staple for me during this Christmas *shudder* party season, I rely on a subtle fake tan and some olde faithful black opaque tights to make it through and avoid looking like a snowman on a night out.

Celebrity Sun is available to buy via their website – make sure you follow them on Twitter as I happen to know they are going to be stocking the much talked about sleep rollers and fragrances for Ladies & Gents over the coming months!