Top Tips for Travelling Abroad

After many a European city break under my belt and some serious time spent in the sun, I’ve certainly learned my fair share of travel related lessons and picked up some top tips for travelling abroad. Like the time I


4 Destinations I’ll Be Visiting in 2017

I’m on what you’d call “a spending ban” at the minute, which is where I tell people that I’m not going to go shopping or spend money frivolously because I need to save my money and then do it online


A Mellow Midweek Escape to Mill Wheel Spa

Located a short car drive from the the town of Leek, home to kitsch independent stores, a billion charity shops and some pleasant coffee shops to sup away the time with a latte on a Sunday afternoon, Mill Wheel


An Epic Place to Stay in Liverpool

If you asked me to choose between all of the cities in the UK, Liverpool would always come in my top 3.  Whether its because the people there are just so darn friendly, it’s close proximity to water or because …


Our Airbnb Booking in Amsterdam

Booking somewhere to stay Amsterdam has to be by far the most researched and thorough “city scope” that I have ever done. In a city known world wide for its liberal and relaxed way of life including prostitution and cannabis, …


5 Things to Eat at Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam

I was told that when visiting Amsterdam I should visit a couple of the many markets  around the city where locals and tourists alike visit to shop, eat and socialise.  The most highly recommended being a stroll to the Albert