Dirty Dancing On Stage | Theatre Review

I guess you could call me a Dirty Dancing super fan. Obsessive, if you like. Since its release in 1987 (my year of birth, FYI), I’ve mashed potato’d, done the twist, carried watermelons, tried to perfect the famous …


The Woman In Black | Theatre Review

Mentioning The Woman in Black is like regaling a ghost story that you’d heard as a child.  Most people will have heard it,  those that have heard are scared of it and those that haven’t will listen wide eyed as …


Cats the Musical | Theatre Review

According to my theatre friend, there is a thing one can experience at the theatre known as a theatregasm which is a taken from the derivative of the original word/act (I don’t really need to explain this further do I?). …


The Enchanted Chandelier | Appetite Stoke


Appetite-Stoke-Enchanted-Chandelier-9Hanley Forest Park has seen many a fun fair or big top circus take to its grassy fields and I’ve been in attendance, eaten my weight in food from a fast food van and cop a squat on the grass …


The Rocky Horror Show | Theatre Review

It’s just a jump to the left, and then a step to the wonderfully weird.  

To say you’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Show is akin to some as saying you’ve never seen Dirty Dancing. As a show which has …


Puppetry of the Penis | Theatre Review

If there’s one thing which will make me screech with laughter in the foyer of a theatre and implore that you ABSOLUTELY MUST go and watch it, it’s Puppetry of the Penis.

Yes, that’s right. Penises. Penises and Puppetry. Puppet