Ghost the Musical Review | Theatre Review

I aren’t typically a fan of book to film adaptations (think One Day in particular) and from previous experiences I haven’t always been the biggest fan of taking a film and putting it on stage. Grease the Musical left me


Evita | Theatre Review

My plus one for the evening, a hardcore Evita fan who cites the 1996 film starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas as one of her favourite films (“of all time”) assured me I was in for a treat but


The Commitments | Theatre Review

After growing up with the songs of The Commitments, Jimmy Rabbite and drunken Christmas performances of Mustang Sally, when I heard Caroline Ranger and co had created a West End production of the much love working class film I was …


5 Faves | Girls Night Out at the Theatre

I always thought that a night out to the theatre as an option for a girls night out sounded like snoozeville.  Spending the night in silence with a bunch of oldies trying not to fall asleep after 9pm and drinking …


Dirty Dancing On Stage | Theatre Review

I guess you could call me a Dirty Dancing super fan. Obsessive, if you like. Since its release in 1987 (my year of birth, FYI), I’ve mashed potato’d, done the twist, carried watermelons, tried to perfect the famous …


The Woman In Black | Theatre Review

Mentioning The Woman in Black is like regaling a ghost story that you’d heard as a child.  Most people will have heard it,  those that have heard are scared of it and those that haven’t will listen wide eyed as …