I Am More Than my Vagina

One of the most annoying things that people ask you when you’re single is “how are you single?” It’s a double edged sword.  On one hand it’s a compliment, as though the person cannot fathom HOW you’ve become available on

You’re Single, Not Dead

I think I’ve become the single gals fairy godmother of late.

More than twice in the last few weeks I’ve found myself in the position of being a shoulder to cry on or a confidant for friends who’ve recently separated …

Autumn Date Ideas

Dates are difficult enough to come up with ideas for as it is, for some “dinner, drinks, movies” is as adventurous as it can get, and as much as I like food, wine and movies, it can get a little …

Things I Don’t Miss About Being Single

It’s no secret to the internet, my friends, family (and the woman who works in the local chippy) that following the demise of a 6 year relationship I was single for a year and a half-ish (almost two).

In those …