SOS Winter Saviours: Cuticura and Carmex


I have two issues I face in this horrible cold, dry and windy weather which I have a constant battle with. I keep two products to hand on my night stand which I use as my winter SOS lifesavers.

One of these is issues is my lips. I get so tired in the winter of battling with chapped, cracked and bitty lips. They’re not attractive in the slightest, and no amount of lip product can camouflage – they just highlight it. To combat this I like to exfoliate lips with a warm flannel (I’m planning on knocking up a DIY lip scrub courtesy of Miss Terri Lowe’s tutorial) and slather my pout in generous helpings of this Carmex wonder product. This is an extremely thick, medicinal scented balm which is super hydrating – I carry one in my bag, have one on my nightstand, and one in my make up bag – you mustn’t neglect your lips.

The second issue I battle with is extremely dry skin. I used to suffer with eczema in cold months on my elbows and my knees but I’ve learnt that if I keep these areas full of moisture I don’t tend to get it as much. Cuticura is a cheap and cheerful brand that I remember dabbling with a bit in my youth. I picked this up a few weeks ago and its perfect for rubbing into those prone to drying areas (elbows, knees, feet – yack!) to keep them soft and hydrated. Its a pretty thick consistency  but it surprisingly melts into the area pretty quickly without leaving that tacky “just moisturised” feeling but instead leaves skin feeling velvety.