My Eyebrow Routine

Being ginger, I’ve always had really fair eyebrows which are pretty much invisible when left untouched. During my teens I would pluck and pluck the bad boys into a thin line like all the cool kids hoping to achieve some kind of brow-ness.

When I’d watch Youtube videos I would see people like Pixiwoo “filling in their brows” and I’d be like… WHAT THE HELL? Doing what to your brows? Fast forward 9 months and am nigh on obsessed with achieving the perfect brow. I never saw eyebrows as a neseccary part of my makeup routine until I actually saw the dramatic difference that well defined brows can make to your face. Good brows can frame and bring a new dimension to your face – bad brows can do the complete opposite.

I had my eyebrows reshaped and tinted at my cousins beauty salon and instantly they brought a completely different look to my face. I maintain the shape on a weekly basis using tweezers and get them waxed when need be. I’ve also taken to tinting my eyebrows one a month by myself using the Colorsport Eyelash and Eyebrow dye in Dark Brown which is simple as 1,2,3.

(I follow the Tanya Burr tutorial which can be seen here)

Despite having them tinted, I still prefer to use some product on them to give them a more defined and polished look. The products that I tend to use of a daily basis to keep my brows looking in tip top shape are…

HD Brow Palette – this came with the July Glossybox and it has fast become my new favourite brow product, I use this with my Ecotools slanted brow brush which gives the perfect defined but natural brow shape.

ELF Treat and Tame – a tinted gel you apply using a mascara style wand. Colours brows and keeps them in place all day, I’ve been using this for about a year but these last for so long, in a year I’ve only had to reorder twice. So quick to apply and completely effortless.

I recently ordered the mememe “Arch Angel” as I was running out of the Elf Treat and Tame as I’d heard nothing but good things, and my opinion? Its okay. It’s a little to dark for my brows and the mascara wand is shaped quite a bit differently to the ELF so application is a little more trickier. I also found it didn’t seem to look as natural as T&T or the HD Palette so I would reach for those 2 over this every time.