Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

I’ve tried both of the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundations, and despite them not quite “making it” into my everyday make up collection, I do love them both. The main qualm that I have with them is their staying power on my combination/oily skin – the best out of the two is the serum, but even then I have to powder the life of it to give me some kind of staying power.


The Healthy Mix Concealer has been raved about from here to kingdom come, so when I ran out of my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I decide to make like a beauty blogger sheep and make a purchase. And I’m really impressed. It offers really good coverage of both blemishes and the undereye area without looking cakey/drying or drawing attention to said blemish. I do have to really work the product into the undereye to prevent it from settling into my fine lines (yes, I have them) but the peach tone to the concealer really does cover any dark circles.

I also like the packaging of this concealer as you squeeze the product out, as opposed to a wand or brush like some other concealers that I’ve used which can harbour germ nasties.

The price is a little more expensive than my beloved Collection concealer, at £8.99 but its not too expensive and it certainly didn’t put off Gemma who used it when she stayed at mine, and subsequently rushed to Boots to buy one that very day.

Just call me the Cilla Black of makeup.

  • I think this’ll be the next concealer I buy. I just can’t get on with the Collection 2000 one as the colour is just so off on me! I haven’t heard a bad word about this one AND I’m going to Boots today… :)

  • Ooh just popped this one onto my wishlist – still looking for that perfect concealer!x