Boston Tea Party Birmingham

There is a saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at Boston Tea Party in Birmingham they most definitely take that saying seriously.  Dependent on your time of rising (I’m a late riser) your breakfast or brunch needs are catered for by the dozen by this quaint and original little cafe.  Boston Tea Party is not your everyday greasy spoon nor is it your conveyor belt pub breakfast.  The simple breakfast and lunch foods which are prepared from scratch on site everyday offer up a quiet even hipsterish cafe with booths, bar stools and tub chairs to ensure you enjoy your meal, coffee or cake in the utmost comfort.


We stumbled into Boston Tea Party Birmingham at around 11:30am, fresh out of our apartment and ready for our first kick of caffeine (I did say I was an early riser, right?) and lead by the growls from our bellys. After already scouting the menu online I knew I would be in for a breakfast fit for a queen and upon arriving I feasted my eyes on the freshly prepared slabs of various cakes and croissants as my nose lapped up the scent of freshly ground coffee in the air.

Pick your table, choose your food and order at the till from one of friendly and welcoming members of the team and then sit back and pour over a local or national paper or simply people watch as I like to do. Within no time I had my cold December hands clasped around a mug of chai latte and Dan a white hot chocolate over his usual morning coffee – I even went for part of my 5 a day by ordering one of their packed to the brim fruit smoothies for a refreshment post breakfast.





If you want Eggs Benedict in Stoke you’re more or less heading straight to Frankie and Benny’s or into your local Weatherspoons establishment for some muffin, egg and hollaindaise goodness so put me infront of a menu where a fry up or a bacon butty isn’t the main attraction and I’d be ordering up one of the two greatest Benedict’s in life (the other being Cumberbatch).  Dan went for The Boss – a full English breakfast served on a rectangular tin plate which looked sure to be a gut buster even though he let me steal the mushrooms from right under his nose.



We were still hovering around soaking in the atmosphere and finishing our brunch to see the breakfast crowd roll out and the lunch crowd roll in to take up one of the salads, mains or toasted sandwiches on offer. I’m not talking your usual lunchtime salad of a bit of iceberg and a couple of tomatoes with a gloopy consistancy which is suspiciously named “Tuna Mayo” – their House Salad consisting of rice, feta, kalamata olives, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, chickpeas and coriander seemed like a popular pick as did those slabs of marbled cakes and baked brownies – so much so that I was wishing I wasn’t so full of Eggs Benedict to sample a slice.

What I loved about Boston Tea Party was that it had a real sense of community and as though it had it’s regulars who frequent it on their lunch breaks as an alternative to pre packaged sandwiches… there was even a little old couple who ordered “the usual” which to me is a testamant of an eatery.

Can we have a Boston Tea Party in Stoke please?

*Boston Tea Party kindly picked up our bill for our breakfast in exchange for this honest review written with guidance from my stomach.