I read this book a while ago, but I only just realised that I’d completely forgotten to write a review on it. I decided to read this book after the lovely @lucyparts posted on Twitter that she was reading a book that made her cry – so I, being a glutton for punishment decided to Amazon Kindle it. I did what I usually do with a book which is, read the first couple of pages and then find something else to occupy my time and completely forget about it.

A week or so later I found myself at a loose end one Friday afternoon and decided to seek solace in the library (please get over the fact that I am a huge geek and continue to read) – one of the “featured books” in the library was “Me Before You” … I then pulled a Matilda and sat at a table in the library for 4 hours reading the book cover to cover. I think that’s quite a testament to my opinion of this book.

So, a quick synopsis…

Louisa is made redundant from the cafe she has worked at for years, finding it difficult to find a new vocation in life, she eventually starts to work as a carer for a quadrapeligic man called Will who was injured after being hit by a car…on a 6 month contract. After a somewhat frosty start and alongside a somewhat strained relationship with Will’s mother, Louisa manages to overcome the walls that Will has built up since his accident and thus starts a blossoming friendship. Its all going smoothly until Louisa overhears a conversation between Will’s mum and sister which changes everything. (sob)

I was completely gripped, I was sat in that library, desperately trying not to let the tears that had welled up roll down my cheeks, but I was helpless (I image a grown woman sitting in the corner of a library, reading, crying and making those almost audible sobbing noises into a tissue could be pretty disturbing to some people.)

The one thing I can say about this book, is that from around Chapter 5, you kind of know what is going to happen (to an extent), I got to a certain point and tweeted exactly how I thought the story would pan out (and I was right) but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining to read. It was exactly what I needed as well in that it was a really easy read. I may have read it again in the comfort of my own home (glutton for punishment).

@lucyparts was right… this is possibly the saddest book ever.

  • Great review, I’m looking for a new read so I may get this, hope it doesn’t make me cry though xxx

  • David Brown

    Great blog! I enjoyed reading it!

  • Jenny

    Omg I bloody loved this book. I was warned I would cry and I sobbed harder than I did when Harry Potter was over.

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