Bohemian Like You

If you like yourself a gilet like most of the winter clothes wearing nation, then this outfit is sure to tug on your purse strings as I bring to you a strong contender for the “best gilet of 2015” from Simply Be. Rather than your usual fur number, this ivory coloured crochet fluffy gilet* has a strokably soft feel with tassel and pom poms fastenings to the front which transforms a simple outfit in the blink of an eye. Chuck this on over a basic long sleeved top and you’ve gone from washer woman to Wonder Woman. You may find for the first few wears that you moult threads like a dog, but I’ve found that it doesn’t last! I have 2 or 3 gilets now and they’re idea for layering on those days when I don’t want to wear a coat but I still want to stay warm.. and who doesn’t like a bit of fur?

Tunics: are they a top, are they a dress? What are they?

Well on me, this tunic is most definitely a top (or a dress if I’m feeling super brave). Because I’m quite tall (5’9) this comes up quite short on me, so it’s very much something to wear with leggings or very opaque black tights. What I love about this Alice & You border print tunic* is the gorgeous pattern in muted jewel tones. Could a dress BE anymore autumn?

It’s designed to be loose fitting and features wide bell sleeves for added boho style, a dipped back, dipped sides and a back button fastening. Reviews on the website complain of it being really small fitting, and I thanked my lucky stars when it came that I’d accidentally ordered a 24 rather than my usual 18-20. I thought the 24 would wind up being ridiculously over sized, however, although it is a little loose on the waist it isn’t really noticeable.

I’ve been wearing this with my actual must have, lust have, fallen in love with these tassel detail, black suede, over the knee boots* which I’ve barely taken off my calfs since I had them three weeks ago. Ever wonder what you did before a certain item of clothing? Well these are my equivalent.

I’ve only ever successfully found one other pair of knee boots prior to these and they were from Sheego at Curvissa. These are a “Super Curvy” fit which means the calf area is large enough to accomodate a more curvy calf. They have a zip on the inside ankle as opposed to all up one side and feature tassel details to the outer side of the boot. They’re a bit weather temperamental as suede is notorious for getting in a bit of a messy puddle should you step in a puddle, but a little bit of suede protector and a brush goes a long way. The only issue is that they don’t come over the knee (I presume because I’m long limbed) they’re the only pair of boots that have come to my knee height – I find that knee boots tend to only reach my calf! Give me some thigh high boots and they’ll probably be over the knee. Tall girl problems.