Blooming Wonderful Roses with The Body Shop

A traditional and classic scent, probably favoured more by your Auntie Alice and Nanna Nellie than your twenty something beauty aficionado, 2016 was the comeback of rose based products. I’ve not really used rose products since the years that I would pick the petals off the roses in our garden and soak them in water to create a rose petal infused perfume, which never quite smelt of anything.  Quite disappointing to an 8 year old Charl and her makeshift parfumerie.


As well as being the perfect Valentines Day gift or “just because” they make your house look pretty, roses were originally used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to perfume their baths (because Zeus couldn’t just pop down to Lush and do a bath bomb haul y’know).  Not only that, rosewater is also a hidden gem for the treatment of acne, added to a cup tea to calm sore throats, and of course, used in skin, anti-inflammatory, high in Vitamin C, moisturising, relaxing and toning.  So if you’re after clear, supple, glowing skin, like a rosy cheeked girl straight out of a Victorian painting, you’d better get yourself down to the local flower stall.  Or head to The Body Shop, whichever is easier.

After falling in love with the Jurlique Rose Balancing Mist a few months ago, which I’ve been relying on to restore and hydrate my skin or to take away the matte & powdery finish of my make up and my long lived obsession with Lush’s Rose Jam AND Rose Argan Body Conditioner, I followed my rose scent loving nose and discovered The Body Shop British Rose collection which was released last year.


The Body Shop are amazing with their new collection launches and the marketing of British Rose was amazing. As a lover of the Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and Oil from The Body Shop as well as their Seaweed clay mask, I was excited by the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask from the collection because it’s an interesting formula and of course, has that beautiful floral smell. A gel face mask infused with real rose petals, rose essence, rose hip oil and organic Community Trade aloe vera, the mask was cooling to apply and soothed my skin as well as smelling blooming wonderful and left my face with a rosy glow after removal.



The British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask (that’s a blooming mouthful isn’t it?) is a mask I dig out for an evening in a silky Rose Jam bath and a glass of vino (may as well stick with the rose them, hey?) has been released along with a selection of the best selling British Rose products: Instant Glow Body Butter, Instant Glow Body Essence and Petal-Soft Bath Foam.  The Body Essence is perfect for winter, especially if like me your skin can’t really handle the infamous body butter as an everyday moisturiser.  It has that classically beautiful fragrance and is lightweight and soaks into skin for all day moisture.


For four products the Blooming Wonderful* set comes in at £35 which is an absolute steal considering the the combined retail price of £52, it also comes in a pinky perfect decorative hat box with bow which comes in handy if you’re not the best at wrapping.  With this gift you’ll come up smelling up roses… ESPECIALLY if its for you, with love from you.

This post is featured as day seven of The Body Shop online advent calendar, so make sure you head over on the run up to Christmas, for more reviews and ideas from other bloggers.