Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge

When it comes to tools for applying foundation, I’ve been completely and utterly a one brush woman for over a year, and have danced and sung about my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush from their popular Core Collection till the cows come home.


When I saw Estee from Essie Button giving some full on love for the beauty blender, I decided I had to give it a go. If there’s one thing that gorgeous girl knows, its getting a flawless base.

The “real” Beauty Blenders retail at around the £15/£20 mark – being the budget beauty buyer that I am, I picked up the Cosompolitan version of the popular tool – which is named “Blend Perfection”, from my local Tesco but you can get them for £3.99 from Fragrance Direct (Wayne Goss, the incredible make up artist did this video about beauty blenders/prices/suppliers which is a really interesting watch)


Lets get this out of the way straight away – I think that this looks like a sex toy (or is that just my filthy mind?) its made of sponge, it’s very “boing-y” and its super easy to use.

So how do you use it?

– I use a water spray bottle to wet the sponge (but you could just run it under a tap)
– squeeze out any excess water so the sponge is slightly damp
– dispense your chosen foundation onto the back of your hand
– use the ball shaped end of the blender to pick up product
– “bounce” sponge all over the face to distribute product – you can go over the same area dependent on the amount of coverage that you want

I’ve fallen in love with this. I picked it up before Christmas and I’ve used it everyday since, my beloved Buffing Brush is sitting in my makeup brush jar weeping, absolutely broken hearted. It applies a really light layer of foundation at a time which you can build on dependent on the amount of coverage you want, but it gives a super flawless finish. I’ve been complimented on my make up looking much fresher and lightweight but while still maintaining the same coverage that I’m comfortable with (I’m a medium-high kinda girl).

As much as I love my buffing brush, for the forseeable future I see myself reaching for this – even though it does look like some kind of dodgy sex toy on my bedside table.

Have you used a beauty blender/beauty blender dupe?

  • I’m always put off sponges because when I used them years ago they’d make my face smell of whatever weird material they’re made out of?! Although I’ve seen this doing the rounds, does eet smell? And yes it does look like a love egg of some kind.

  • I have wanted one of these for forever, now i know where to buy! Thankyou!

  • I think it looks like that orange thing off that EDF ad. LOL. I don’t ever know whether there worth it though.. hmmm