Bioderma Sebium Range

When you say “Bioderma” everybody automatically thinks of the red topped bottle of Crealine Micellar water that leaves beauty bloggers and make up artists alike climbing over eachother to get their perfectly manicured mits on it.  But here’s something you might not know.  Ready for it?

*whispers*  Bioderma have a whole range of other lovely products.

The Crealine Micellar solution is what gave this French Pharmaceutical range its big break in the UK, but after breaking in John Bell & Croydon in London (I’ve been there, its dreamy) a wide range of Bioderma products is now rolling out into Boots stores nationwide. 


After seeing my declarations of love for the range in two previous posts, I was asked if I wanted to test drive a couple of the other products in the range.  One of the products I was particularly interested in trying was the Pore Refiner.  Anything which offers to fix the moon craters that are scattered over cheeks and leave my little nose resembling a strawberry is worthy of a whirl in my opinion.

I’ve been using this as a primer under make up and I’ve noticed an improved appearance in the appearence of my crater pores under my foundation.  Applied to the tzone, I find its the perfect mattifying primer and helps to control the shiny/oily look I experience throughout the day.  This has kicked Benefit’s Porefessional primer to the kerb (soz, Porefessional, its been emosh).

I also asked to try the Sebium version of the H20 solution, this is recommended for conbination/oily skin that is prone to acne.    This removes make up in the same way that the Crealine H20 does (like, MAGICALLY) but I’ve found that I may actually prefer this one as although the Crealine did remove my makeup which is primarily what I wanted, I’ve found that after using this my skin has started to appear clearer so I feel as though it must be doing something more for my skin than just removing makeup.

Bioderma have done absolutely nothing to dispel my love of them, and I will definitely be placing an order for some of the Sebium H20 for when this bottle is finished with.

  • I absolutely love the Sebium range, there are some real gems for acne prone skin.

  • Sarah

    Hi, I’m a huuuuge fan of the Sensibio H20 micellar water as it’s one of the only cleansers that doesn’t cause my face to turn into a red angry mess! Do you know if the Sebium range, particularly the pore refiner, is suitable for sensitive skin and if they are drying like a lot of spot/oily skin products? My skin is combination/VERY oily but extremely sensitive and I’m so intrigued by these! x