Bioderma V B Micellar Water

As you know, I loved the Bioderma cleanser so much so that I worked my way through 3 bottles – I reviewed it here.

After reviewing the foundation from the new B. range at Superdrug, I was lulled into their £1.00 off offer of their Micellar water which has been heralded as a budget version of my much loved Bioderma. So naturally, I couldn’t NOT try it.



I used this for just over a week so figure I’ve gained enough of an impression to give it a review. Lets get it out of the way, this ain’t no Bioderma. I desperately wanted to love it as much,  have a rave on, be the girl that cried dupe and save everyone lots of £££ – but as much as it removes makeup and does the job – it just isn’t quite there.

What I love about Bioderma is that I feel like I’m applying water to my skin, and magically it was removing every last bit of makeup including the smokiest of eye makeup. The B Micellar water is fine over the majority of my skin but when I tried to use it on my eyes it stang …. “Just use an eye make up remover” I hear you say, well that’s true – BUT I’m comparing it to Bioderma and that was a “one product does it all” situation, and I’m nothing if not a lazy skincare person.

If you haven’t used Bioderma before, either because of the nightmare of shipping or the inflated price of having it shipped over OR you’re simply looking at trying a Micellar water, then I would recommend trying this just to see if you do like the concept because of the price point and the ease of getting hold of it.  Personally, because Bioderma is much easier to get hold of in the UK I’d close my eyes, grit my teeth and hand over my bank card for it.

  • I’ve been reading a lot of reviews that state it makes the eyes sting. Such a shame as i personally only use Micellar waters to remove my eye makeup and it’s cheap atm so i would have liked to try it.
    Good for people who use it all over their face i guess, not much use for sensitive souls tho’.
    Great review, thanks for posting it.

    Jules aka @Flabbyface