Beyonce Heat Rush

I once read a quote that said:

Always be yourself,.  Unless you can be Beyonce.  Always be Beyonce

….and with that in mind, if I was going to smell like anybody I’d quite like to smell like Beyoncé.  I’m not sure what Beyonce smells like, we’ve never been in close enough proximity for me to smell her (unless you count that time I saw her in Manchester) but I would imagine her luminous skin excretes tiny molecules of awesomeness that mix with an aura of goddessness.  The heavenly combination of which would in turn make her smell like an angel floated down to earth and said “smell me”.

Now, I’m not sure whether celebrities actually smell of their own perfumes, in fact, I’m fairly certain they don’t (I’m looking at you Bieber and One Diretion) but I can’t believe that our Bey would lend her name to a perfume that smelt like anything remotely bad, so for a real life version of what I think Bey smells like I’m going to use her fragrance Beyonce Heat Rush as an example and presume that she smells like summertime.

When it comes to summer I find myself favouring the sweet scents of candy cane dreams and a plethora of fruit cocktail concoctions.  Heavy musks are out the door along with anything spicy smelling and in comes some fruity notes to leave me feeling like I’ve just stepped onto the golden sand of a foreign beach somewhere.

Pass me a Sex on the Beach, slap some factor 60 on me because I am ready for the summer.


Beyonce Heat Rush possesses the same sort of notes as the likes of Ralph Lauren “Ralph” and Sarah Jessica Parker’s short lived follow up to my signature scent Lovely, “NYC”.  With top notes of passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian Cherry, heart notes of Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and Orange Hibiscus and base notes of Teakwood, Honey Amber and a Musk  inspired by the sunsets in Brazil (exotic!) this isn’t a particularly a sophisticated or classic scent.  What it is is a fresh, flirty and sweet smell that oozes summer, BBQ’s and begs to be worn with a flower crown and brightly painted nails.

You can’t really get more Beyonce than that can you?

The plus side? Don’t tell Bey this but *whispers* you can pick it up for super cheap, which means you can afford to save your “good stuff” for night time and keep this in your bag for liberal top ups throughout the day to keep yourself smelling like a summers dream.