Benefit #PoreoClock

When it comes to clever marketing campaigns, the much loved and kinda quirky Benefit are the cosmetics company who constantly hit it out the ballpark. Whether it’s a brand new product launch or a promotion involving one of their current makeup bag must haves, a fun and viral campaign which takes over Twitter and Instagram is what you can expect from this San Fran based brand.

2015 is kicked off in full fun force with the second instalment of #poreoclock which originally launched this time last year with skin priming saviour Porefessional.

This year Benefit have recruited some of their much loved Beauty Bloggers as Spy Gals on a mission to find out which area in the UK who has the most love for their wonder product – and I’m lucky enough to be one of those gals. Do the norveners shake their chips n gravy in honour of the flawlessly airbrushed base Benefit gives or do them lot dahhhn sahhhf owe Porefessional big time for keeping their makeup looking pore free all day?

Benefit are hoping that by the great primer buying public tweeting the HASHTAG #poreoclock they’ll be able to establish who hearts who more. Not only that but tweeting the #poreoclock hashtag will potentially bag you a sample of the infamous Porefessional (just in case you’ve never given it a test drive before) AND the winning area will also win a Benebash. You know how they have that “if Carlsberg did” campaign? Well Benefit are the Carlsberg of bashes (and marketing campaigns).


Never tried Porefessional before? Let me give you the lowdown.

If you’re anything like me and have handfuls of open pores upon the face then you join the vast majority of the human race who suffer in some way from these dreaded open pores which threaten to make our face resemble the surface of the moon. When you’re wanting that “(I woke up like this) FLAWLESS” base and a strawberry seed looking nose just aint gonna cut it, then Benefits best selling & lightweight transparent primer offers the perfect smooth base for foundation. By smoothing over any pores or fine lines, a thin layer under makeup (or on its own if you’re one of those goddesses blessed with perfect skin) provides a canvas as smooth as silk to apply make up to. I don’t tend to find that Porefessional helps my makeup to stay on my face any longer than it would without, I still notice my foundation beginning to slip at about 4pm after a long day at the office but the the base it offers in terms of smoothing out those (dare I say it), crevices really is unrivalled.



When you hear bloggers and “normal human beings” alike talking about primers it’s very likely that Porefessional will make an appearance in their line up. I’ve already gone through a tube of this PLUS three of the minis that were available in Glamour magazine and I still find myself reaching for it. I also use in conjunction with other primers in order to achieve an overall affect – for example I may mix Porefessional with mememe’s Angels Halo for a luminizing pore smoothing radiance that is only rivalled by Photoshop.

Agent Zero Shine is the Ant to the Dec, the Rachel to the Ross and the bangers n mash to Porefessional.  If you suffer from open pores you may find that you suffer from the slick that is oily skin – god knows I do, particularly in the t-zone area.  Over the course of the day I find myself looking like I’ve ran a marathon by elevenses.  Agent Zero Shine is the best gal pal of the the Spy Gal.  A translucent powder which is applied over or under foundation or alone (I prefer to apply it under foundation after seeing this life changed tutorial my gossmakeupartist on YouTube) to areas where you suffer from the dreaded slick.  Twist up, tap some of the loose shine control powder into the lid and sweep.  AZS comes with a handy built in brush in the base of the stick but I prefer to apply it with my flat top Sigma Kabuki brush because I’m a creature of habit.  Admittedly, it’s not my go to powder, I prefer my Miners Fresh Faced Powder however – when I predict I’m going to be in an extra slicky situation, a dusting of this beforehand is a lifesaver.

Porefessional and Agent Zero Shine are the dream team of a longlasting flawless base.  What are you waiting for Spy Gal, get tweeting that hashtag…