Being Single – My Radio Interview


You all remember Valentines Day right? Well around that time I wrote a post called “Why Its Better To Be Single On Valentines Day” – this was one of my most popular posts and I had amazing feedback from it.  A couple of weeks ago, off the back of this post, I was contacted by BBC West Midlands who were a “do you enjoy being single” phone in and asked whether they could interview me. Cue, lots of excitedness and nerves in abundance.

What they wanted was my take on “the single life” – do I like being single, do I miss having a man in my life, what do I think about the whole “single” thing. So uhm, well… I decided to upload it on my blog for you to listen to, should you care (and for you to mock endlessly.)

(I haven’t listened to it back as in my head, I sound like Holly Willoughby, and in reality I talk like Vicky Pollard, so I apologise if I say “er” or “uhm” or “to be fair” a few too many times.)

[audio ]

Leave any feedback or heckling in the comments below.  Going to hang my head in shame.

* I apologise in advance to Victoria Beckham.  Please don’t sue me, I won’t be able to buy lipstick or pay my rent.

  • Gemma Button

    This made me smile :) ‘I don’t know Iv never been a single man’ haha

    • Charlotte

      If I was one I’d look in the mirror all day at my naked self x

  • Matt

    Fab interview! You sound like a pro :-)

    • Charlotte

      many thanks :)