BEAUTY || The Importance of Eyebrows

If there’s one saying that resonates with my life more than anything, its this…

“Don’t let anybody with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life.”

I know it might seem as though its a shallow little thing to be bothered by, but the application of bad and ridiculous eyebrows is something that I will never truly understand. I’m a firm believer that certain hands you’re dealt with in life are dealt to you because they’re what you’re meant to have and eyebrows are one of those hands. They bring shape and definition to the face and overtime I’ve begun to feel naked if I haven’t “put my eyebrows on”. Want to question why eyebrows are so important? Just look at me without them…

noeyebrowsOver the years complete domination of your natural hair has been accepted, it isn’t frowned upon to ombre, shave, spike, mohawk, dye your hair the colours of the rainbow or god forbid, even to crimp it. Its even (within reason) unfrowned upon to do whatever you want with your hair, y’know, down there. Wax it, grow it, dye it, shave it into the shape of a lightning bolt – as long as its taken care of hygienically, I don’t think anybody cares. But eyebrows, well they’re usually best left looking natural(ish) and groomed.

Nobody has ever looked good rocking Nike “Just Do It” tick, thick slug style or skinny little line eyebrows. Nobody. Not even Angelina Jolie would look good with those and Angelina Jolie looks good wearing more or less anything or wearing nothing at all.  Kapiche?

Back to my original point… would you take life advice from anybody who walked around rocking these brows?


How about if I was rocking them?

Point made I think.