BEAUTY || Sleek Eyebrow Stylist

Eyebrows.  As important to a persons face as the mouth, or the nose, or the eyes… (see, “The Importance of Eyebrows“).  After a slow start in life when it came to eyebrow maintenance the last few years have given me a love of products which offer me up natural but groomed looking but beautiful brows.

Its not often that I vary my routine or become tempted away from my beloved HD Brows palette when it comes to eyebrow products of choice, but after a beauty YouTube video watching session in the bath (I do all my best thinking and video viewing in the tub – don’t judge) I spotted a few of my favourite YouTubers raving about the  Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil“What is that double ended wonder?” I found myself asking a sea of ginger smelling bubbles.  At £26.00 the Hourglass pencil seemed a pricey plunge for a product which would esentially be replacing something which I already loved.

 So imagine my dupe finders glee when I stumbled upon the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in my local Superdrug store.  Aesthetically it’s the standard Sleek matte black packaging which I personally love because it’s very “sleek” and NARsesque).  The product itself?  For a glorified eyebrow pencil I’m very much impressed.   I’ve never really been able to make an eyebrow pencil work, the only product I’ve been able to use other than the HD Brows palette is the Avon Glimmerstick and the product consistancy in comparison to the Eyebrow Stylist is quite similiar. 


One end is an eyebrow grooming brush (or “spoolie”) which can be used before  using the product to comb through the eyebrows to ensure all hairs are tidy and then can be used after application to ensure that product is distributed evenly and to give a more natural look (nobody wants that “drawn on with a sharpie” eyebrow look now do they?).

The “nib”  of the pencil is angular in shape and is made up of a flat edge best used for broad strokes and sclupting – I used this to “fill” the majority of the brow shape and a pointed tip which allows for fine feathery and natural strokes.  The consistency of the product is quite creamy and a little waxy which helps the product cling to the natural brows and give definition/colour.  The Eyebrow Stylist comes in three shades light, medium and dark (I picked up medium) and comes in at an impressive £5.99.  That’s £20 cheaper than the Hourglass product *insert KERCHING noise here*

I’ve been using the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist during the week for work as I find its so quick and easy to use and gives my brows some much needed definition without looking too over done.  Extra minutes in bed PLUS groomed brows?