Beauty School Drop Out


With that dreaded R word *whispers* recession raining on everybodies parade the last couple of years, at home beauty treatments have become more the norm.  This isn’t only troublesome for local beauty salons, but sometimes – for ourselves.  

I find there’s nothing more satisfying than delivering a cracking bit of at home DIY beauty such as an at home hair dye job, eyebrow tint or pedicure.  I’ve been dying my own hair since I was old enough to peek over the counter at the chemist and exchange my pocket money for Harmony’s “Plum” hair dye, so I’m a dab hand at a dye job.  Most of the time.

Sometimes these seemingly innocent beauty treatments can go horribly wrong – but then so can salon based treatments.  These so called beauty treatments can  unfortunately leave you not so beautiful.  In fact, a recent survey found that 193 people had been injured as a result of or by a beauty treatment.  With the male half of the population becoming more aware of the grooming and beauty treatments available to them, more than half of those 193 were men…. OOPS.   UV tanning (20%) and spray tanning (16%) were the most common causes but men also accounted for all botox & 75% of cosmetic surgery related injuries.  Serves them right for trying miserably to look like David Beckham, huh?

I’ve had a few beauty related mishaps but luckily no injuries (you could have tried telling me that at the time though, I thought my life was O.V.E.R). 

Most memorable was the evening I attempted to ombre my own hair and ended up “frying” (technical term) the ends of my hair with bleach.  Ever heard people saying that their hair feels like chewing gum?  I never understood this saying until that night.  The ends of my hair felt like I was pulling on a spit covered ball of chewing gum and it would literally come out in my fingers.  I first discovered the extent of my at home bleaching session at around 12pm on a Saturday evening.  As with anything, my fly by the seat of my pants attitude meant that I had decided to ombre my hair at around 5pm on a Saturday, and a trip to Tesco later I was YouTubing how to tutorials.  Which I obviously got wrong.

In my moonlight terror, I spent until 3am partially sobbing over the horrible state of my hair and Googling quick fixes – I quickly learned that protein was what my hair desperately needed to regain some kind of normal state.  With this in mind I whipped up an egg hairmask which I left on overnight.  When my hair was in the same condition the next morning I hot footed it to Sallys Beauty Supplies (when I say hot footed it, what I mean is “I was stood outside when the doors opened”) 

Sadly, my fried ends could not be saved and I had my much loved boob length hair chopped to just below my chin.  There was still some bleach in the hair that was left, to remove it all meant that I’d be rocking a Frankie Sandford style pixie crop, and I wasn’t prepared to take that drastic step.  This meant I still had frazzled bleached ends which would only break off when I so much as thought about using a heated appliance on it.

A year later and I’ve finally regained the length that I had to have chopped due to my DIY beauty musings and its safe to say that should I ever have any intention to dabble with a bottle of bleach* again, I’ll call in the experts.  However…the treatment that polled highest for an injury during a beauty treatment was a from a hair cut or a hair dye – this came out at 19.7%.  

Have you ever had any beauty injuries?  They don’t have to be hair related!

*bleach for my hair, not for my toilet. 

*in association with F4L