BEAUTY || Rimmel “In Love With Ginger” Moisture Renew Lipstick



Rimmel “In Love With Ginger” Moisture Renew Lipstick

is one of the colours in the latest re release from the drug store brand.  With a name like that you’d think I’d have been first in line to snap one up, right?  Wrong.  Despite being a sentimental fool when it comes to lipstick names (ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO) I didn’t rush out to buy this , mainly because I think the colour is very similar to my Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense in shade 40 which I blogged about earlier in the year.  BUT after doing that typical beauty blogger thing of making your way to a certain stand like a moth to a flame for the 7th time and swatching a product I decided that after the humiliation of the non ginger kisses that I should take a stand for my own kind and buy it (surprisingly, it was the last one).20140114-135728.jpg

20140114-135343.jpgIn Love With Ginger is very true to its “Moisture Renew” name in that it’s a more moisturising formula for lipstick which gives an almost balm like feeling to lips.  Because of this it does have a tendency to wear off a little quicker than I’d like but not massively so – luckily I’m an habitual re applier of lipstick so its no hardship to me.  The colour is the perfect bright red/orange shade which some may say is a little too bright and summery for January, but with the few rays of sunshine we’ve been having the last few days (combined with the absolutely arctic temperatures) I’m making an executive decision that bright lipstick is allowed.
Speaking of lips and Ginger.  Sunday was “International Kiss a Ginger Day”.  Last year I was told half way through “kiss a ginger day” and I was left unprepared a day aimed solely at my kind, and what happens when you fail to prepare?  You prepare to fail.  Therefore, last years Kiss a Ginger Day I was left very much unkissed (BOO!).  This year was going to be different.  For one, I knew about it in advance (thanks to some lovely followers) and two?  I was prepared.  Sunday morning my lips was Lush Bubblegum scrubbed to high heaven, moisurised with my trust Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve and slathered in Rimmel “Kiss Me” and I was fully prepared to manage the queues which no doubt form outside my front door.  My doorstep was brushed and ready to take on its challenge as a kissing booth.  Fail to prepare?  B!tch, I was born prepared.

I flung open the front door Sunday morning at 10am, ready to face the throngs of males ready to kiss the token ginger girl and you know what I was met with?  Nada.  Zippo.  Buttkiss.

Poor me.  Luckily I had Ted on hand to give me kisses & there’s nothing better than puppy kisses.  No, not even stomach flipping kisses in the rain with David Beckham *sobs* 

  • The shade looks stunning!