Nanshy Luxury Brush Set

Sunday nights for me means makeup brush washing night. I stand at the skink getting back ache and washing layer upon layer of foundation, blusher and eyeshadow out of my brushes resting safe in the knowledge that once this ardous task is complete I’ll feel all the better for it. Over the last year or so however my makeup brush collection has depleted. Having a puppy is wonderful fun, but they’re full of curiosity and finding their feet and teeth and Ted appeared from a young age to have developed a penchant for super soft makeup brushes from mummy’s collection. On the occassion where he’s been left unsupervised for a few minutes or when he’s managed to sneak upstairs or rifle through one of my handbags I’ve found him grinding his nashers on a blending brush or getting a mouth of powder brush. I’ve managed to salvage a few and think fondly of the tiny tooth marks at the end of a 217 brush but the rest have gone to brush heaven and I’m slowly having to replace the collection (and lock Ted downstairs).

I’ve dabbled with brushes in the past after being told about the amazing angled liner brush by Gemma Button and was completely sold as it solved my “applying gel liner” dilemma (that was coupled with finding a gel liner that didn’t imprint on my upper lid).nanshy-luxury-brush-set-eye-brushes.jpg

This Nanshy Luxury Brush set* from Nanshy comes in at £34.95 for 13 brushes for both your face and eyes which works out at around £2.68 per brush – not too shabby when you think that some high end brushes could cost you upwards of £34.95 for one.

Liner Brush – length 12cm
Small Shadow Brush – length 12cm
Crease Brush – length 12cm
Shadow Brush – length 12cm
Fluffy Shadow Blending Brush – length 12cm
Concealer Brush – length 12cm Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie – length 15cm
Angled Brow Brush – length 11.5cm
Angled Shadow Brush – length 12cm
Angled Blush Brush – length 15cm
Foundation Brush – length 14cm
Powder Brush – length 14.5cm
Powder/Foundation Brush – length 14cm

This set is ideal if you’re looking for quality super soft brushes either as a starter kit, to bulk up your existing collection or to give as the perfect gift for someone who’s into makeup. The set comes completed with a Nanshy branded quilted carry case to keep your brushes away from dust, dirt and chewy little pups like mine and makes travelling with your brushes as easy as a,b,c.nanshy-luxury-brush-set-eye-brushes-1.jpgThese synthetic brushes are completely cruelty free and no animals have been made in the making of them – they also feature an ergonomic plastic plastic handle. The bristles are amazingly soft and there’s a varied selection of brushes (see full list here). In fact, you could easily use this one set and have every brush you’d need…The angled contour brush in particular is amazing for achieving Kim Kardashian style contour in the hollow of your cheekbones. The density of the brush means you get a good amount of product/colour but can be blended out easily to avoid a tiger stripe affect.nanshy-luxury-brush-set-face-brushes.jpgThe only thing I don’t really like about the brushes are the handles – infact, I kind of love to hate them. On one hand the curvature of the handle makes it easier to hold and grip as the shape works with the positioning of your fingers – plus point, but on the other it makes the handles quite light and flimsy feeling which makes them feel a little bit cheap and they’re quite short in length. It’s a catch 22 situation.

I’m ensuring these are kept packed away after each use and stored well out of reach of prying paws to avoid winding up with eyeshadow brushes that are complete with tiny Teddy teeth marks.