BEAUTY || Lipsense Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

If you ask me, there’s nothing more perfect be it for day or night makeup than a red lip. I’ve been guilty in the past (this weekend in fact) of ditching a classic neutral lip in favour of a slick of scarlet purely because it makes me feel more “done”. If the song goes that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, then Charl is never fully dressed without a red lip.

I’ve written a few blog posts about some of my favourite red lipsticks (and god knows I’ve tried quite a few that don’t make the grade) but I think I may have stumbled upon a product that is, dare I say it, revolutionary red.

Red lipstick comes with their own hazards: bleeding, smudging, fading, “the chin transfer” (usually occurs when eating food), teeth transfer. Its a minefield.


Lipsense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour from Sheersense* – £22.00 (get your gob round that one) is budge proof, kiss proof, transfer proof – basically, once this baby is on your lips, it’s not going anywhere.

Lipsense comes in a variety of shades but I opted for Blu Red, a blue toned red, in order to give it a real run for its money. This liquid lip colour is applied in four stages to well exfoliated lips.

1. Use the Blu Red lipstick to apply a wash of colour across the lips. Apply in one sweep to avoid any dragging.

2. Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat following the one sweep theory – the colour should become more opaque.

3. After the second coat has dried, apply the third coat. Optimum opaqueness should now be achieved.

(Do not “blot” lips in between coats)

4. Once dry, apply the top coat “Glossy”* – £18.00 over lips to seal the colour and give shine and moisture.

I have to admit, the first time I used Lipsense I was a little bit taken aback by the liquid lipstick. It smells quite strong of alcohol and tingles when applying it to your lips – it reminds me a bit of the “so 90’s it hurts” Lipcote, remember That? Once you’ve overcome that and the 4 step application, your lips are good to go.

So is it “Long Lasting”?


God yes.

I’ve worn this lipstick through a full day of work and not had to top it up once. I’ve eaten, drank, chatted about the less finer points of the Daily Mail and come 2pm, my lips still looked like this, with no sign of it wearing off. The first time I tried this out I was so astounded by the fact that IT WOULD NOT BUDGE that I even practiced snogging the back of my hand (and up my forearm) under the pretence that it was David Beckhams chest* and STILL no transfer. That’s  pretty good going.

*I am not embarrassed by this admission