Karla Powell Lip Brushes

I’m usually an “apply lipstick straight from the bullet” kind of gal. I was once told in Sephora that a real woman can apply red lipstick without the aid of a mirror and I’m proud to call myself a real woman. The straight-from-bullet application is very much a pout and go technique but there are those occasions when a perfectly applied lipstick completely trumps being hastily applied.

Karla Powell has made somewhat of a name for herself both online on social media and within the makeup industry working with big names such as Marie Claire, MAC Cosmetics, Vogue Italia Online and Illamasqua. She’s infamous for her amazing creative lip art (including gradient and pop art lips) and is currently hosting lip workshops in the US. Amazing. Karla has practically self crowned herself “The Queen of the Pout” and after releasig her face and nail charts earlier this year she’s set to release another piece from her eagerly anticipated makeup empire.

The latest launch? Lip Brushes (bow down pouty b*tches).

Karla Powell Lip Brushes

Karla Powell Lip Brushes

Creating the perfect pout has never been easier with this trio of Lip Brushes,  a collection of synergic lip brushes designed specially for professional creative work with glosses, pigments, creams and stains

If you’ve ever tried to apply a dramatic red lip or bright fuchsia lipstick without the aid of a lip brush you may already be well aware of a wonky lip line or the dreaded feathering.

Lipstick feathering is usually combatted by applying a liner to the natural lipline but the need for a pencil liner can usually be eradicated by using a lip brush to give a more precise line. (TIP: Want your lips to appear fuller? Line slightly outside your lips to give the appearance of a bigger pout. The operative word here is SLIGHTLY, Coco the Clown lips belong in a Big Top only).

The Brushes

KL1: The Filling Brush.  A traditional lip brush with a rounded tip and firm point, designed to enable even application of all lip products, with precision focus for rapidly filling the lips. The bevelled shape allows for accurate lining of the lips without compromising on coverage.

 KL2: The Precision Brush. A softer, more absorbent brush which produces an even, thin and perfectly straight line when defining the lips; eliminating the need for a lip pencil. The flat angle is designed to line the lips before filling with the KL1 brush.

 KL3: The Cupid ’s Bow Brush. This sharply-angled brush works to neatly trace the Cupid ’s bow, defining the lip shape and creating a fuller pout, whilst preventing product from bleeding onto the skin.

Each brush is created with vegan-friendly, 100% synthetic Taklon fibre, chosen for its unrivalled superiority when working with both wet and dry cosmetic formulas.   To care for your brushes ensure that they are cleanede cleaned every-other day, as use with wet products can create bacteria build-up. Any alcohol-based brush cleaner will break down grease residue in lip products. Always wash immediately after using a highly-pigmented product. Take care not to soak the brush handles, and to keep the ferrule dry.

So why choose a lip brush?

Using a lip brush to apply lipstick means you achieve a thinner and more even layer of colour as opposed to one thick layer when applying straight from the bullet. Think of lipstick like you would nail polish: thinner layers builds the intensity of colour AND also means that the colour is likely to last longer (less transfer on his shirt collar, ladies!)

Lip brushes are also perfect for using with lip palettes, the likes of OC Lip Tars AND for getting the last few bits out of a much loved bullet (TIP: has one of your much loved lipsticks snapped? Don’t waste it! Snap up one of these Z-Palettes to create your very own custom lip palette!  Waste not want not momma Charl always used to say)

Don’t just take my word for it, let the lady herself tell you about her latest release…

The Karla Powell Lip Brushes are available on  Beauty Chamber for £25.00.

*products were provided for review