Going for the Crop

Following the saying “a change is better than a rest” after a week of being frustrated with my long locks and struggling to get my brush through the lengths of my hair, I decided to book in a last minute hair appointment to get my hair chopped. On the Friday I decided I needed a change, on the Saturday I was booked in. Me? Impulsive? Sort of.

Impulsive choice was to make like Essie Button, Lily Melrose, Vivianna Does Makeup and the like and go for the CHOP.  Please excuse me, I sound there like I’m a blogger stalker and have cut my hair off because I want to be just like them – I would of course, I’d like the fullness of Anna’s eyebrows, the wadrobe of Lily Melrose and the crazy quirky personality of Essie, but ma hur? That’s just me rebelling against winter. The wind and rain of November has been making my hair like wirewool and no matter what moisturising products I used on it or weather defence hairspray my locks would still disobey the demands of my hair tools. Half an hour infront of my mirror in the mornings was well and truly wasted as a gust of wind a second after leaving the house turned me into Ugly Betty.
IMG_9984-1.JPGIMG_9983-1.JPGI decided a winter chop was DEFINITELY what my hair needed…not only to stop it from resembling Monica from Friends, but also to inject some kind of shape and style into my do. My justification incase I hated it? “It’s hair, it grows back” which is something I will maintain.  Essentially it is just hair.  This wouldn’t be like the time I used the kitchen scissors to cut off my Barbies perky boob length hair into a bob and  then cry when my mum explained why it wouldn’t grow back.  With a good ole chop encouraging hair to grow back quicker and healthier, why spend November through to March with my hair tied up like Vicky Pollard when I could take off all of that length, get myself a snazzy new hair do and make my hair healthier in the process?  It seemed like a no brainer.

I consulted with my hairdresser at Just Fabulous Hair who seemed pleased as punch to be able get her scissors on my locks.  After a bit of a discussion and we settled on (what you would call) a bob, inverting the shape so the front is longer than the back and taking my layers through the ends of the hair to add more width and bounce – she also reshaped my grown out centre parting bangs.
IMG_9986-1.JPGIMG_9985-1.JPGThere is a fair old jump in length from where my hair was to the shortest point of my hair, admittedly, and I thought I’d be more scared by the dramatic change but I love it. It’s easier to manage, there’s more shape and body to it, it feels healthier and I don’t feel the “half an hour to do my hair” pressure that I used to.

I’ve also been experimenting with curl creams to bring out the natural curl in my hair, texturising and salt sprays to give me some of that roughed up BODEH and different styling tools to create boho waves, Carrie Bradshaw-esque curls or “just got out of bed” look which I will no doubt be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

What do you think?  

Let me know your favourite styling products/texturising sprays/weather defence products in the comments – we need to all stand strong on this winter attack and have eachothers frizzy backs.

  • I liked your hair before but I have to admit your hair looks amazing on this. It really suits you xox


  • Looks great, the shape really suits you, and as you say much quicker styling now. :)

  • jo

    You need argan oil as it repairs and restores damage. Hair looks lovely,fuller and healthier xx

  • sue

    Arrrrr charrrr!!!! it looks lovely x