BEAUTY || Case of the Ex

With relationships they say that an ex is an ex for a reason.

Its rare that exes successfully work out their problems and get back together. There’s obviously something between the two people which doesn’t quite seem to work out and for that reason, a split is inevitable.

But then there are the exes that get back together and live happily ever after (I’m struggling to think of a famous example at the moment – bear with me).

I started to think of some of my makeup as exes. There are often products that which I have such high hopes for, a foundation that I think could be the one, a lipstick I’d like to to go all the way with. But before I know it I’m labelling them “just like all the others!” and I’m tossing them to the kerb after one date because they’re just not what I expected?

I’m sure we all have plenty of products like that (and exes).

What I wanted to do was test this theory. Try out my exes in the make up department and give them a second chance if you like, see if it was meant to be after all and if I judged them too harshly.

First up?

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation


Despite this foundation on paper being “the ideal foundation for me” – I just couldn’t seem to get it to work originally (see my previous review). I tried to apply it with my blending sponge, a buffing brush, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but I just seemed to be a cakey and streaky mess of a face. DESPITE the colour being absolutely perfect for me.

Since my post I’ve received comments on my original post and seen other blogs who have RAVED about this and so I thought this would probably be the first item I’d taken out of my “ugh-I’m-never-using-that-again” drawer.

I decided to go back to basics with this foundation: I usually hate using my fingers to apply foundation, I find I get a smoother and more flawless application with a beauty sponge or brush but seeing as none of these worked with the foundation, I used the tools that I was blessed with and applied with my fingers.

I’ve found that if I smooth this foundation onto my skin (a little goes a long way!) and then blend with my fingers I do still get streaky lines that I complained of previously. I’m combatting this by applying and blending with my fingers first and THEN using a slightly damp beauty sponge to even out the surface and rid the skin of streaks and unevenness.

I do find this helps to eradicate the issues I was experiencing previously to some extent, but it does take a little more working with than my usual foundation – I also find it settles in the fine lines under my eyes ALOT (yes I have them and I’m only 26!)

I’ve been trialling this for the past week at work and because once its actually on and set with powder, it actually STAYS on.  I just wish it didn’t need so much “faffing” with to get it to do what I want.

  • Jessica

    Sounds like you have an interesting problem…have you tried mixing the foundation with a bit of moisturizer, then using the damp beauty sponge to apply? I hope that you find out a solution soon. :)

  • Wendy

    I´ve bought Rimmel Stay Matte just yesterday because I am still trying to find a perfect make-up for me. So I´ll see whether it is good or not. :)

  • Star

    You know, you don’t necessarily need to finish with a beauty blender to get rid of streaks. When I apply base products with my fingers, I dot it around my face then blend in circular motions to get an even coat, then stipple with my fingers to remove any streaks. Easy peasy!