Despite moaning about it, I can’t resist having a daily gossip/news fix by scrolling through the Daily Mail website. It has just enough celeb crap and “real news” to keep my attention during a lunch hour and the occasional “Beauty” article that’s usually a copied and pasted half assed attempt at an “article”.

Today they have a “Beauty Blunders That Cost You Your Job” feature kind of post where the facts and figures really did cause me to raise a smile. A couple of them I actually agree with, a couple make me laugh out loud and the rest are ones that I do and then I think “is this what my boss MUST think of me then?” – I of course with every Daily Mail story taken it with a huge ladle of salt as opposed to a pinch, but I thought I’d share it with you.

1. Chipped nails, 24 per cent (nervous/unprepared)
2. Split ends, 19 per cent (lazy)
3. Smudged mascara, 17 per cent (party animal)
4. Fake tan, 13 per cent (loves a holiday)
5. Bright red lipstick, 7 per cent (power crazy)
6. Heavily pencilled brows, 5 per cent (too confident, cocky)
7. Overpowering perfume, 4 per cent (attention seeker)
8. Lipstick on teeth, 3 per cent (careless)
9. No mascara, 3 per cent (emotional wreck)
10. Line of foundation, 2 per cent (lack of attention to detail)
11. Drawn-on beauty spot, 2 per cent (untruthful)
12. 100 per cent immaculate, 1 per cent (gunning for boss’s job)

My favourite one is the “no mascara” at 3 percent = emotional wreck.

I’d obviously like to think that number 12 most applies to me, but I think that 5, 6 (not heavily, defined), 7 (I like a good squirt) and perhaps 8 (at times – especially when wearing brights) apply to me.

“Hello, I’m a power crazy, confident/cocky, attention seeker who’s one careless bitch.”

Any of these fit you?

  • Haha this is fun :) I really hate overdone eyebrows! I’m so conservative with my make up, don’t think I’ve done any of these .. x