Bleach London Washed Out Orange

You may have noticed from the name of this blog (and the picture of me in the siderbar, HI!) that I’m ginger.  I’ve been naturally ginger since I turned from white blonde to strawberry blonde at around the age of 5 and then developed on to a deeper ginger shade as I got older grew up.  In that time I’ve been a whole host of colours.  Deep plum, chocolate brown, blonde, dark brown, pillarbox red.

For the past 4 years I’ve found happiness in my ginger roots and I’ve simply enhanced my ginger heritage with the use of henna and box dyes.  I’ve recently gravitated towards L’Oreal Paprika Power – which the colour comes out as strong as it sounds and I love it.  For me my hair colour mantra is the oranger the better (I’m sure some of dyes I’ve put on my hair would make other peoples toes curl).

I happened upon the brand Bleach London in my local Boots a couple of days ago and seeing as I’m in between my at home dye jobs I thought I’d try out one of their temporary dyes Cool Colours to top up my ginger.  The Bleach London range  boasts a kaleidoscope of dyes to home bleaching kits, toners and even styling products.  After seeing every beauty blogger and their cat singing Bleach style praises and flaunting their rainbow coloured locks (I’m looking at you Zoe and Jayne), I decided I wanted to get in on the act.

I was undecided between the shades Tangerine Dream and Washed Out Orange but with a quick search on Google images I was soon trotting home with this bottle of bright in my bag and a box of disposable gloves.

Bleach London Washed Out Orange

Application wise this couldn’t be easier.  You simply apply the creamy mixture direct from the bottle evenly to freshly washed hair (using gloves, I’ve learnt my lesson here before).  Leave for fifteen minutes and wash out with clear water – DO NOT SHAMPOO.

My opinion?  I wasn’t blown away.

My hair was left with a little but of an oranger hue than before through the ends of my hair but nothing overly noticeable.  I’m not sure whether my hair isn’t pale enough to take the full force of the colour (I do have quite blonde ends from an ombre experiment) or because I’m used to such WOW results from chemical dyes but I was expecting bigger and brighter things after seeing what others had achieved.  As stated, this is a temporary colour and fades within 2-10 washes and my colour had been and gone completely within 2 washes.  A little bit disappointing but because of the quick wash out time I’ve been perusing colours in the aim of experimenting with non ginger colours on the ends of my hair like those cool cats like Ms Budget Beauty .. a pink shade maybe?


  • Glad I came across your post as I am currently on the hunt for a good ginger dye. I recently stripped the red from my hair and it revealed a lovely ginger colour. However, after a few washes the red starts to come back a bit. I tried the paprika power one you mention but I dint like it for me. Well, it was fine on my untouched roots but it didn’t d so well over the red hues in the rest of my hair. So I stripped it again and back to square one. Have you used the other L’oreal ginger dye (lighter more natural looking one) before? I don’t want to resort to having to bleach my hair (I’m naturally mid brown). Oh, and can you tell me what colour clothes flatter ginger locks? So far I’m loving light blue, green and purple. I love light pink but it doesn’t go as well as it did when I had red hair.
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  • Pamela

    I did buy all of their shades and applied this onto my faded pink hair… I wasn’t impressed by it either. It’s rather pastel. The Tangerine Dream, however is much more vibrant. The thing is that, after two washes, there’s not much left of it. Overall, I like the colors but don’t think they look that great on me. But then again, it might be because I didn’t apply them to a light blonde base but my faded pink hair… Your hair looks awesome btw! (Judging from your IG photos!) x

  • Becca Lenden

    Hey there! I stumbled across this post, as I have been eyeing up the Bleach London washed out Orange, but also have (unfortunately not natural) ginger hair. I am currently using Loriel Feria Mango Intense Copper, which is a lovely, intense, vibrant ginger, yet I have decided I need to be more orange.
    I was going to pick some up, but I think I will let my colour fade first.
    Many thanks!

  • That L’Oreal shade for orange hair is AMAZING! Although it didn’t take on my hair last time, but that’s a whole other story, Garnier Nutrisse Intense Copper is a good base too and a gentler formula than the above. I actually don’t rate Bleach London dyes that highly after trying a few, I think it’s very diluted and doesn’t last very long at all, the branding is ace but I just don’t think they cut it compared to other things on the market and things that have been around for AGES. Directions Tangerine is my fave orange I’ve ever tried and lasts much longer and is UBER bright, Colour Freedom from Superdrug is good to and so is Superdrug’s own brand Ultra Brights. I just feel a bit sad that the Bleach London dyes are selling so well because the are both easy to pick up and the branding is trendy and that’s not enough really.