BEAUTY || Bathtime With Ginger

My mum once said that I spend my life in 1 of 3 places:  my bed, the pub or the bath.

When it comes to bathtime I am well and truly a water baby.  I’m famed for my hour long baths.  I watch YouTube videos, listen to music, tweet, read blogs… all whilst surrounded by lovely warm water and a fortress of bubbles.

I’m the polar opposite of “less is more” when pouring bubble bath into running water, hence why I usually end up lost amidst the bubbles and why I get through so many bottles of it.  I don’t like to spend big £££££ on bubble bath.  A quid, a couple of quid maybe, three quid at the most and I pretty much bow to whichever is on offer… but there is one that I go back to time and time again, partly for novelty reasons and partyly because it smells so damn good.


One Ginger Morning from Treacle Moon is a Bath and Shower Gel I fell in love with about a year ago after spotting it on the shelves of local Tesco.  The Treacle Moon range boasts a whole load of other flavours including Mango, Lemonade and Vanilla (and I’ve heard they’re bringing out Warm Cinnamon Nights for the Festive period – NEED) and some are also available in their body scrub.  The colours are fun and bright, the bubble pay off is good, they all smell divine and the rhymes on the front of the bottle just give them a little added cuteness.  Example?

“Wakey wakey duvet princess..with a gentle yawn she stretched and captured her dream…still warm…today seemed full of endless promise”

You can pick up the Treaclemoon range from your local Tesco and you can also pick it up online when you’re doing your weekly food shop.  For £2.99 (or £1.99 when they’re on offer) these bargain bubble baths are a complete steal.

BRB.  Just running a bath, again.