Barry M Touch of Magic

I’d not really explored the Barry M cosmetics range past their vast rainbow of nail polishes until last year when I got to test drive their Matte foundation and their brand spanking new eyeshadow palettes, but the range seems to have come on leaps and bounds in terms of product development and releases in order to keep up with it’s drugstore counterparts. With recent releases such as the eyebrow pen and palette, the Stain Paint Collection and the Cor Balmy! lip balms it’s pretty surprising that my current Barry M product crush is one that is years old but has recently had a bit of a re release of life.
Barry M Touch of Magic Green Lipstick
If you’ve perused the Barry M stand in your local Boots or Superdrug its highly likely that you’ve copped your eyes on this lipstick. “Who would wear a GREEN lipstick unless its Halloween?” (or unless your K$sha) I’ve scoffed whilst wondering how out of place it looks on the display next to an array of pinks, peaches and red toned lippies.
Barry M Touch of Magic Green LipstickBarry M Touch of Magic Green Lipstick Swatch

That was until curiosity killed the blogger cat and one afternoon I decided to swatch the anomalous green lipstick just to see how unwearable a shade it actually is…. & it’s pink.

You see, this lipstick is magic.  Okay okay, it’s not magic, it all comes down to that fascinating thing called Science.  Touch of Magic works with the alkaline levels in your lips, therefore the higher the alkaline level, the brighter the shade of pink your lips will go meaning that this is all person dependent and colour adapative.   As well as being “magic”, it’s also a pretty good lipstick.  It doesn’t bleed or feather around your lips, it’s waterproof and pretty much stays put (a bit like a stain) and the aloe vera in it means that it’s hydrating on your lips and doesn’t dry them out like some lipsticks which stain your lips do.

It seems “Touch of Magic” is now being marketed as “Genie” Lip Paint after a cheeky little re release back in summer.  Regardless of the name if you’ve been after your “perfect pink” lipstick I would most definitely recommend picking this up, not only is the colour “lip dependent” it’s also a nice little gimmick to see people’s horror when they think you’re about to apply green lipstick in the middle of a bar.

  • Helena

    To be honest, I always thought this liptick was just a bit gimmicky. It don’t like the shade it turns on my lips (always way too bright) so meh, I prefer normal lipsticks I suppose. But its an interesting thing and I remember when I first heard about it I literally rushed out to buy it haha
    Helena /

    • Charl

      I’m a sucker for a bright lip – especially pink (!!) so maybe that’s why it appeals to me so much! I’ve been reaching for this most days! x

  • I look like crap when I wear pink lipstick but am so tempted to give this a bash and see what colour it comes out and whether my own alkaline levels suit me or not!